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Baby room for boys: The best tips & ideas

Furnishing the baby room for the boy is one of the most beautiful tasks for parents-to-be. Because while you are designing the dream nursery for your son, the anticipation grows even more. But how can you make it the most beautiful? Here you will find valuable tips on the subject of a baby's room for a boy.

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Which furniture for the baby room boy?

In principle, your son doesn't need much in the first few months of his life. A place to sleep and a changing table are the absolute basics. But of course you shouldn't underestimate the many gifts your little one will get from grandparents, godparents and friends. And they all want to be accommodated in the baby room for the boy. So in addition to a cot and changing table, make sure there's plenty of storage space. By the way, a comfortable armchair for breastfeeding is also one of the most popular furnishing ideas in the baby room for boys. At IKEA you can get stylish and affordable furniture to completely furnish your baby room for boys. And you can embellish the baby furniture in the simple Scandinavian design with our adhesive foils for the boys' room.

Beautiful for your boy's baby room

What colour for the baby room boy?

The baby room for boys will naturally be blue ... At least that's the typical cliché. But in a boy's room you can also let off steam with many other colours. For example, neutral basic colours such as grey can be wonderfully combined with colourful accents. The baby room for boys in mint is very trendy at the moment. But many other colours also cut a good figure in the baby room for boys.

Tips for colour design in the baby room for boys

  • Baby room for boys in mint and grey
  • Colour accents in mustard yellow and orange
  • Combinations of the blue and green colour families
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Deco and wall design in the baby room for boys

You should not overdo it when designing your baby's room. Too bright and extreme colours and patterns can overwhelm your baby. Therefore, go for a clear concept with subtle highlights in the baby room for boys. Wall foils are particularly suitable for this, because you can spice up neutrally designed walls with child-friendly motifs such as clouds, dots and planets.

Materials for a child-friendly wall design in the baby room

All our wall tattoos are made in Germany and meet high quality standards for children. These include:

  • Child-friendly foils without dangerous softeners
  • Ecological printing
  • Made and produced in Germany
  • Easy to stick on
  • Removable

Design your individual baby room for boys

Embellish your IKEA highchair


16 July 2021



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