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Children's stools & chairs

The most beautiful motifs for your IKEA chairs and stools for children.



Decal for IKEA FLISAT children's stool


Decal for IKEA LÄTT high chair

IKEA children's stool

The classic IKEA children's stool made of wood can be found in almost every child's room. With the cute furniture foils, the stool is no longer boring! Conjure up a highlight in your child's room with the stylish furniture foils in many designs for the IKEA FLISAT stool. This way, the craft corner, where the children give free rein to their creativity, is also the most creative corner in the children's room.

Animal motifs on the IKEA children's stool

The IKEA wooden children's stool looks great with the furniture foil in animal design. The colours are bright and coordinated, so the cute animals offer a stylish alternative for the plain wooden stool. In addition, the furniture foils are totally easy to apply. Thanks to the high-quality lamination, our furniture foils are also extremely hard-wearing and scratch-resistant - so they are ideal for the craft and play corner in the children's room. And if the favourite animal no longer fits in the room, the furniture film for the children's stool can also be removed without leaving any residue. This is how easy it is to embellish both the simple wooden stool and the children's room.

IKEA FLISAT stool with letters customize

May it be a little more individual? Children love toys that are personalised to them! Now they can put their name or first letter on the classic IKEA children's stool in the great Limmaland design.  Our high-quality furniture foil is also ideal for giving as a gift. Whether for a birth, a first day at school or a birthday! An individual and personal gift is always the best. This gift will be an absolute eye-catcher in your child's room. Get the cute furniture foils for the IKEA children's stool now and bring a cheerful mood into your child's room!
Personalisierte IKEA FLISAT Kinderhocker