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IKEA Puppenhaus Kinderzimmer

11 IKEA hacks with the FLISAT children's range

The FLISAT children's series from IKEA impresses with its clear lines and natural wood.
Do you also have a beautiful piece of furniture from the FLISAT series in your child's room? With its particularly simple design, the furniture is ideal as a basis for unusual IKEA hacks. And you don't even have to go to great lengths to customise the children's furniture series. We've put together the best ideas for you!
Kinder spielen am IKEA FLISAT Spieltisch auf der Spielstraße
IKEA Hack IKEA FLISAT Spieltisch Spielstraße

1. Play table Hacks with the IKEA FLISAT

You can remodel the IKEA FLISAT children's table in a flash. You can conjure up a new favourite play object in the children's room in no time at all. Our numerous adhesive foils fit perfectly and transform your children's table into a city, a safari or a farm. This allows you to create completely new play worlds in which your children can play with their favourite characters, mini cars or bricks.

IKEA Hack IKEA FLISAT Spieltisch Spielstraße und Safari
Kinder spielen am IKEA FLISAT Spieltisch auf der Spielstraße
Kinder spielen am IKEA FLISAT Spieltisch Safari

2. Multifunctional table with the FLISAT

The special thing about the FLISAT hack for the play table is that you can simply remove the table tops and turn them round. This allows you to glue two different design decal onto the children's table at the same time, providing plenty of variety and preventing boredom. In addition, the internal boxes from IKEA not only provide optimum storage space, but can also be used for a creative IKEA hack. You can decorate the lids of the boxes with our stickers for the mini play kitchen and play barbecue laminate. In no time at all, you not only have an additional play option in the IKEA FLISAT table, but you can also simply take the boxes outside to play in summer and complete your DIY mud kitchen.

Sinnestisch mit IKEA Boxen

3. With all senses: Montessori sensory table

The IKEA FLISAT table is perfect as a sensory table. This is because the children's table already has two integrated boxes that are embedded in the table top. By consciously experiencing their senses during sensory play, children are encouraged in many areas of their childhood development. | Photo: @mandy_krahn

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4. FLISAT table for toddlers

We think this hack is particularly smart: you can replace the legs of the FLISAT table with the shorter stool legs. This creates the play table at eye level for the little ones in no time at all. Slide through the pictures to see the exact instructions.
Glücklich spielen mit dem IKEA Puppenhaus mit Mama
IKEA Puppenhaus auf TROFAST Regal mit Kind

5. Embellish IKEA FLISAT dollhouse

The IKEA dollhouse FLISAT is a favourite with young and old alike. After all, it is not only beautiful, but its simplicity also offers plenty of room for creativity. After all, who says that the IKEA FLISAT house is only for dolls? The wooden house can be transformed into a FEUERWEHR, POLIZEI or farm in no time at all. And doll lovers will also get their money's worth with modern Scandinavian-style decorations! Of course, all IKEA FLISAT hacks are customised to fit the dollhouse and you can design it entirely according to your child's interests. The design foil for your IKEA hack with the FLISAT dollhouse transforms it to your heart's content and makes the fun perfect with little details!

Dollhouse pimp

FLISAT Bücherregal

6. Dollhouse use as a bookshelf

When the kids have outgrown playing with the dollhouse, the simple wooden house also makes a good storage home for books, decorations or craft items.

| Photo:

klebefolie ikea flisat bilderleiste dino 1

7. FLISAT wall shelf with paper roll

The dream for little artists is the perfect painting table with colourful pencils and an endless roll of paper! And you can easily realise this with the FLISAT wall shelf and the MALA paper roll from IKEA. The IKEA hack is particularly decorative for little colouring artists with the matching wall stickers from Limmaland. Who wouldn't want to get creative right away?

Kind trägt IKEA FLISAT Hocker

8. IKEA hack for the wooden children's stool

We love the cute FLISAT stool to match the children's table. The small wooden children's stool is beautiful and can be wonderfully pimped with a few ideas. We at Limmaland find the mini stool really practical. That's why you can also personalise the FLISAT stool with the matching IKEA hacks. We have customised furniture foil for you, which you can simply stick onto the seat. And the little legs also get a colourful accent. What's the best thing about the IKEA hacks from Limmaland? You can rearrange the FLISAT stool again and again laminate and remain flexible in its design. What's more, you can implement the IKEA hack with the FLISAT stool in just a few minutes.

Laufen lernen mit dem IKEA FLISAT Hocker

9. Learning to walk with the FLISAT stool

We have a very simple tip to help your baby learn to walk without overtaxing them. The IKEA FLISAT stool is perfect for leaning on.

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FLISAT Hocker mit Ohren

10. Not just for Easter: the FLISAT stool with ears

If you're a handyman, you can also add wooden bunny ears to the cute FLISAT stool. These are screwed underneath the seat to form the back of the stool. We give both thumbs up for the cute little ears!
| Photo: @liefs_stefanie

11. Fun with the FLISAT stool

Just turn it round! With a few hair bands and the FLISAT stool on your head, you can conjure up an educational game in no time at all to help your child consolidate their motor skills. We think such simple ideas are great!
Kind spielt am IKEA FLISAT Multifunktionstisch

This is what makes the IKEA FLISAT series so impressive

The FLISAT series from IKEA is made of solid pine wood. This makes it particularly hard-wearing and durable - so it fulfils all the requirements for suitable furniture in the children's room.

The FLISAT wooden children's furniture is very stylish and ages beautifully. The pine wood naturally darkens over time, which gives it a special charm.

With the FLISAT furniture series, IKEA offers furnishings and storage furniture for all requirements and activities in the children's room.

What IKEA FLISAT furniture is available?

  • IKEA FLISAT house as a wall shelf or dollhouse
  • FLISAT children's table with integrated storage space
  • FLISAT children's stool made of solid wood
  • Height-adjustable IKEA FLISAT children's desk with matching bench seat
  • FLISAT book bench for children
  • FLISAT trolley for toys storage
  • IKEA FLISAT hook rack and wall shelf

FLISAT Hack in the children's room

The simple wooden children's furniture simply fits into any room. And the best thing about the stylish wooden furniture is that it is perfect for creative IKEA hacks. This allows you to customise your furniture even better to your child's needs and encourage them with stimulating play options and designs. You can find the coolest IKEA hacks with the FLISAT children's series in Limmaland!