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11 IKEA Hacks with the KALLAX Shelf in the Children's Room

Our all-rounder in the children's room:  The IKEA KALLAX is an integral part of almost every home. We show how versatile the shelf is and have summarised the best IKEA KALLAX hacks.

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1. Storage space and playing surface with the KALLAX shelf in the children's room 

Of course, there also has to be organisation in the children's room. The KALLAX shelf provides enough storage space. And not only that, because the multi-talent can also be used as playing surface. Especially for small flats, we have great KALLAX hacks for the children's room that create storage space and offer fun.

All KALLAX play foils

Kallax Regal Klebeleisten für Ordnungsbehälter

2. Organisation create in the KALLAX shelf 

The perfect duo in the children's room: KALLAX and TROFAST. The latter is our tidying hero in the children's room. The practical, lightweight boxes with lids make tidying up child's play. And with our adhesive strips, they also fit in the KALLAX. So you can easily turn your KALLAX into a tidy toy shelf. 
Klebefolien und Designideen für das IKEA KALLAX Regal

3. Montessori Wardrobe - IKEA KALLAX Hack

"Help me to do it myself" is the guiding principle of Montessori education. And you can promote the independence of our little people even with the smallest everyday things. For example, with the daily choice of clothes. The KALLAX shelf is the perfect companion for this. In just a few steps, the children's shelf at eye level can be converted into a DIY Montessori wardrobe. 
Kallax Kinderzimmerideen

4. Converting the KALLAX shelf into a play kitchen 

We also think the idea of turning the KALLAX shelf into a play kitchen is fantastic. In no time at all, you can create a mini kitchen with our KÖKBASTLA sticker set. Even with a dishwasher!


Montessori Waschmaschine Anleitung

5. KALLAX shelf becomes a children's launderette 

And anyone who wants to make their play kitchen really deluxe can grab the KALLAX and make a washing machine for kids! We have the exact instructions for you too.

Build your own washing machine

Kallax Sitzecke

6. KALLAX Hack for more colour

With the  yard goods from Limmaland, your KALLAX becomes a real eye-catcher! Simply attach the decal to the inside of the shelf and add more colour to your home.

Kallax Sitzecke

7. KALLAX as a DIY bench in the children's room

A seating area in the children's room is cosy - and perfect for telling stories. Plush friends will also find a wonderful place to snuggle up.

Image source:

Kallax Puppenhaus

8. Dollhouse the KALLAX shelf becomes a Barbie dream

Simply redesigning a KALLAX shelf ... we think that's great! And with the Limmaland adhesive foils, you can easily transform your old piece of furniture yourself. How about a cosy home for Barbie and Ken? Little doll fans are totally impressed by our stylish adhesive foils. No wonder, because they turn your KALLAX into Barbie's dream house! Our  yard goods furniture film can be easily cut to size and stuck to the individual KALLAX compartments. The dolls' villa is ready!

Kallax Kinderzimmer Ideen
Kallax Kinderzimmer Ideen Dinos

9. Hidden storage space with the KALLAX Hack

Things get really creative with Cornelia's KALLAX idea for the children's room: she converted the 2×2 shelf into a play table with a reversible lid using our customisable adhesive foils.

What you need: 

  • the IKEA KALLAX 
  • two matching boards (77×77 cm) 
  • Cordless screwdriver and screws
  • two Limmaland foils

The two boards will be the base and lid of your new play table. You can easily get them at the hardware store. Screw the bottom plate on tightly. Stick the lid on from both sides as playing surface.


From €25.95
Decal for IKEA LACK tables
Kallax Sitzecke

10. Cosy reading corner with KALLAX shelves 

Small retreat corners are an absolute hit in the children's room. The little ones love to withdraw from time to time and leaf through their favourite book in a cosy atmosphere. And if you can combine such a cosy corner with hidden storage space, then that means double added value for the children's room! 

And this KALLAX hack is also very easy to copy 

For the seat chest, you can follow Cornelia's hack, which you can find further up in this post. Cover the lid with a seat cushion - you can simply get a foam board from the DIY store and lay your favourite fabric over it. Use a stapler to fix the cushion and fabric to the lid. Lots of cushions make for the perfect cosy atmosphere! Another KALLAX transforms the seat chest into a little hiding place. All your favourite books can be stowed away here and are quickly at hand.

Image source: @vanelisa1401

Kallax Kinderzimmerideen

11. IKEA KALLAX Hack with folding function 

This idea also conjures up organisation in the children's room in no time at all. With the folding function, all the toys can disappear into the KALLAX coffee table in no time at all! To integrate this KALLAX idea into your children's room, simply place the shelf crosswise on the floor and attach 2 panels to the surface with furniture hinges. This way you can switch between toy box and table at any time. Ingenious!

Image source: @fridagedoens