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IKEA Hacks with the SPISIG play kitchen

IKEA SPISIG play kitchen pimp: Find clever hacks and ideas for the little play kitchen from IKEA.  With adhesive foils in your favourite colour and lovely accessories in trendy designs, creative play for the kids is pre-programmed. 

The IKEA SPISIG play kitchen for a lot of imagination 

IKEA products are our favourite. The simple design fits into every corner of our home - including our children's little world. The new SPISIG play kitchen is a great alternative to the traditional play kitchen and offers great play opportunities for children. 

It is not only a great kitchen for the little chefs, it can also be used on both sides and easily transforms into a café, restaurant or counter where the freshly prepared dish can also be served directly.  

IKEA SPISIG play kitchen pimp: 5 simple ideas 


@Ourekventures has transformed her IKEA Spisig play kitchen in such a way that we almost didn't recognise it. Instead of the upper part of the small kitchen, she mounted the IKEA Flisat shelf directly on the wall. This now serves as a suspension for various kitchen accessories in natural colours. Nature is the motto of this IKEA Spisig makeover. Because even the cooker top and the handles are made of wood in this hack. We like the simple Skandi look of the IKEA play kitchen. But children would certainly love a bit of colour in their kitchen area. 

IKEA SPISIG as an ice cream parlour

Did you know that the small IKEA SPISIG play kitchen already contains a hack? All you have to do is turn it over and you'll find a blackboard at back side where the kids can present their menu. Or you can use the board and transform the kitchen into a bistro, a café, a toy shop or, as here with @sammydemmy, an ice cream parlour, depending on your mood. 

IKEA Spisig play kitchen pimp: with decorative highlights 

Less is sometimes more. @Jessspartyof5 has upgraded her Spisig play kitchen with a few small decorative highlights. Accessories in natural colours make the small kitchen cosier. She has used the curtain rod to store a basket of colourful toy vegetables there and for even more splashes of colour, she has also placed a plant there. Artificial plants are also suitable here, of course. 
A new tap and an oven handle in black are the final touches and turn the IKEA play kitchen into a highlight. 

Back side for IKEA SPISIG 

If you would like to have a real tile backsplash in the kitchen like at mum's or dad's, this is unfortunately not the case with the IKEA Spisig play kitchen. But you can change that with a few simple steps. You can get chipboard cut to the right size at the DIY store for very little money. Then simply cover them with our decorative foil and the backsplash for the play kitchen is ready. 

We also love this IKEA SPISIG hack: with a perforated plate as backsplash you can hang kitchen accessories on it. For little craftsmen, this is also a great way to turn the small play kitchen into a workbench. 


Which play kitchen is the right one? That's a question you have to answer for yourself. We have done a big comparison of children's kitchens and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the children's kitchens from ALDI, LIDL and IKEA. 

The most frequently asked questions about the IKEA SPISIG play kitchen

What are the features of the IKEA SPISIG play kitchen?

  • Price: 49,99 Euro
  • Dimensions: 55 x 37 x 98 cm
  • Material: hardboard
  • two hot plates
  • Sink with tap
  • Oven with plexiglass window
  • three knobs on the oven
  • Storage space for accessories
  • Curtain with velcro tape - can be cleaned at 40° in the washing machine
  • Back side with board coating
  • can be ordered online

What does the accessory set for the IKEA SPISIG include?

With our adhesive foil set for the SPISIG you get:
  • Design foil for the splashback
  • Foil for the right front door
  • Decal as oven frame
  • Sticker for the oven rack
  • Menu card to stick on the side of the SPISIG

IKEA SPISIG hacks in trendy design

With its adhesive foils in soft pastel colours, the SPISIG play kitchen fits into the whole home - whether in the living room, children's room or kitchen. The small play kitchen can be wonderfully covered with the furniture foils in Scandinavian colours - ready is the IKEA SPISIG hack! The 5-piece decal set for the IKEA SPISIG play kitchen also fits perfectly with our collections, which makes the whole decoration in the children's room harmonious. With these 5 parts, it's super easy to jazz up the play kitchen: The decal for the oven door turns the simple window frame visually into a real oven. The furniture foil in your favourite colour for the small cupboard door and for the kitchen back wall also makes play kitchen more colourful! In addition, the menu card and the adhesive oven rack make creative play much more interesting. So many accessories embellish the play kitchen without brushes and varnish and transform the children's room into a little adult world.

More room for role play with the SPISIG

With a lot of imagination and fantasy, children are always thinking up new ways to play and give free rein to their ideas. They take adults as role models and therefore often want to help out and cook. Can they be satisfied with simple tasks? Not at all easy. That's why parents usually reach for the SPISIG, which helps children develop role and group games very quickly. With our IKEA SPISIG Hacks, which transform the conventional play kitchen into a realm all of its own, the role play of cooking is directly more fun. It also promotes motor skills, body language and self-esteem. See for yourself in our online shop and become an IKEA SPISIG hacker!