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IKEA Hacks with the DUNDRA play table 

With its integrated drawer and large playing surface, the IKEA DUNDRA offers plenty of space for all kinds of creative games. Discover the most beautiful ideas for the play table.

The IKEA DUNDRA play table: we have tested it

We have tested the play table from the Swede and summarised our experiences and all the information about the DUNDRA children's table for you. 

The first impression 

When we bought the table, we quickly noticed that the packages were a lot heavier than some other pieces of IKEA furniture - but that usually speaks for the stability of the furniture. However, the assembly is quite simple. We did have a brief lapse at drawer, as we were not yet familiar with the plug-in system, but when we looked at the instructions again, our mistake was quickly rectified. What quickly caught our eye was the similarity to the popular play table classic from BRIO.

Comparison to BRIO play table 

The look of the new IKEA play table is very reminiscent of the popular classic children's table from BRIO. BRIO's table is a little lower and the playing surface is a few centimetres wider than IKEA's play table. On the other hand, the latter has a drawer. On the other hand, the latter has a drawer that offers plenty of space for toys and thus makes organisation easier. In addition, the playing surface from the Swede is kept in plain grey, so it can either stay that way or be pimped out with different foils depending on the child's interests. With the BRIO table, only table tops that already contain a play world can be purchased. The biggest difference is the price. The play table from the Swede is a lot cheaper than the well-known classic.

IKEA DUNDRA functions

The DUNDRA table is specially designed for playing. The large surface gives the kids enough space to let off steam. The slightly raised edge prevents building blocks and co. from falling down. After playing, the toys, Lego or craft materials can be stored in the large drawer. This is divided into 2 compartments to make it easier organisation .
The table can be shown from all sides so that it can stand freely in the room. IKEA emphasises that the construction and the material are optimised so that the piece of furniture is ideally suited for public spaces such as restaurants, waiting rooms and the like. The surface of the IKEA DUNDRA is made of resistant laminate. We also noticed how stable and high-quality the table is during assembly.

The most frequently asked questions about IKEA DUNDRA play table

What are the dimensions of the IKEA DUNDRA play table?

The IKEA DUNDRA play table has the following dimensions:
  • Width: 119 cm
  • Depth: 57 cm
  • Height: 52 cm
With a height of just over half a metre, the table is perfectly suited to children's play. The little ones can play comfortably while standing. For quieter activities such as puzzles or painting, the IKEA FLISAT stools fit ideally at the table. Due to the long table surface, two children could theoretically play next to each other on each side. If the integrated storage space is not enough, you can use the area under the table for additional storage space, e.g. by sliding the IKEA KNAGGLIG boxes underneath. Perfect for small children's rooms.

How much does the IKEA DUNDRA cost?

Until now, you had to dig deep into your pocket for the BRIO table. The IKEA DUNDRA is available for much less - it costs 99 euros. This is not the cheapest piece of furniture from IKEA, but you get a high-quality and stable table. You can buy the IKEA DUNDRA directly from the Swedish shop. With a little luck, you can also get it second-hand on the usual platforms.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the IKEA DUNDRA play table?


  • suitable alternative to the BRIO play table
  • high-quality workmanship
  • Stability
  • integrated storage space
  • large playing surface
  • uncomplicated assembly
  • precisely fitting adhesive foils available


  • heavy weight


Pimp your IKEA DUNDRA with custom-fit decal

Our decal makes the children's table a real eye-catcher in the children's room. The precisely fitting foil for the IKEA DUNDRA gives the table that certain something extra and encourages the creativity of your offspring. They can dive into their favourite theme world. Whether outer space, farm, water world or much more. Of course with child-friendly materials. The adhesive foils are scratch-resistant and therefore perfect for long and extensive play. 

Our conclusion 

In conclusion, we can recommend the DUNDRA play table from IKEA. The table has a nice size for kids, is of high quality and cheaper compared to the available alternatives. It also has storage space and thus provides more organisation in the children's room.