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IKEA IVAR im Kinderzimmer

IKEA IVAR hack: 7 ideas for wooden shelving in the children's room

The wooden shelving system is one of the true classics from our favourite Swedish brand. No wonder that the popular shelving unit is used in many homes. Whether in the kitchen, in the study or even as a wardrobe: IVAR always performs well. And the shelving system also cuts a fine figure in the children's room. Especially with the matching IKEA IVAR hack.

Perfect organisation with IKEA IVAR

Children's rooms in particular require quick storage space. The IVAR shelving system from IKEA* allows you to customise your shelving to suit every child's room. With the various individual parts, you can put together exactly the combination that is best for you. If you're on Instagram and Pinterest from time to time, then you've probably already discovered the numerous IKEA IVAR hacks with the wooden cupboard. The fact that the wardrobe is kept so plain and simple means that many creative ideas can be realised.

IKEA Ivar Hack

1. Painting IKEA IVAR

The shelving system from IKEA comes in a very simple solid pine colour. And wood is not only one of the current children's room trends, but also provides the perfect basis for individual colour design. | Image source: @michelle_faber

Tips for painting IKEA furniture

IKEA Ivar Hack

2. IVAR patterned in the children's room

Of course, you can also apply your colour in trendy patterns. The IKEA IVAR hack really makes a statement in the children's room. And it's really easy too: you can mask off the edges with a good piece of masking tape. After painting, simply peel it off again - and you have clean lines. | Image source: @kotirakkaudelle


3. Painting the IKEA IVAR cabinet

Admittedly, a lot can go wrong with a DIY project involving brushes and paint. So our tip for your IKEA hack with guaranteed success: use furniture foil! Here at Limmaland, you can get cute motifs that are specially designed for your IVAR wardrobe. This way, you can conjure up a cute eye-catcher in your child's room without much effort.


4. IKEA IVAR hack with furniture legs

You can personalise your simple wooden cabinet even more with furniture feet. Especially in old buildings with uneven floors, it can be difficult to open the doors without feet. And a few nice feet will really enhance your wooden cabinet.

IKEA Ivar Hack

5. Handles for the IVAR wardrobe

In addition to the furniture legs, you can also upgrade your IKEA IVAR hack with furniture handles. These are not only practical, but beautiful furniture handles make your shelf even more individual! | Image source: @ola_trzaska_

To the furniture handles

IKEA Ivar Hack

6. Hanging IKEA IVAR on the wall

Give your simple shelf a light touch by attaching it to the wall. The floating IKEA IVAR hack! You can also attach two rows of the wooden shelf to the wall, one above the other, to create extra storage space. | Image source: @mevrouwstyling

IKEA Ivar Hack

If you attach your shelf to the wall, you can also utilise the storage space underneath. For example, with toy boxes and baskets that even the youngest children can reach on their own. | Image source: @evabrittakarin

IKEA Ivar Hack

7. IKEA IVAR becomes dollhouse

You can also turn your shelf into a little house - maybe even for dolls? We also love the idea of sawing small windows into the doors. | Image source: @designbycilla

Make it easy for yourself! Glue windows instead of sawing:

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