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Accessories for the IKEA play kitchen

We love the simple play kitchen Scandinavian style! And that's why we have lots of ideas to make your DUKTIG even more beautiful.



Decal for IKEA DUKTIG hob


Sticker set 38 pieces


Decal for IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen


Decal for IKEA DUKTIG hob

Painting is a thing of the past: save time with Limmaland adhesive film!

  • Easy to stick on without bubbles
  • CE-certified for use in children's rooms
  • Only 15 minutes to customise play kitchen

What our customers say

How to design your play kitchen in just 3 steps

Kinderküche mit Folie bekleben

1. Simply stick on precisely fitting design film

Apply the film to the fronts of your play kitchen and the chipboard from the DIY store. Tip: Remove the film from the backing paper step by step - it's the easiest way!

Rückwand Kinderküche Anbringen

2. Backsplash attach to your play kitchen

Attach the backsplash to the back side of your play kitchen. It only takes 2 minutes with a hammer and a few nails!

Kinderküche Ledergriffe anbringen

3. Play kitchen customise with details

Our leather handles make the new style of your DUKTIG perfect. Your personalised children's kitchen is ready!

Info about play kitchen

play kitchen has been one of the most popular play worlds for generations. Because children love to cook and emulate adults. Would you also like to buy a play kitchen and are looking for information to help you decide? We have put together some helpful tips for buying your play kitchen.

Tip: Buy second-hand and pimp it up!

You can buy second-hand children's kitchens on classified ad portals such as eBay. Second-hand play kitchens made of wood are often still in good condition and can be easily refurbished. With a second-hand play kitchen you save money and do something good for the environment. And upcycling the kitchen can also be a great project for you.

IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen

IKEA DUKTIG is the most popular play kitchen ever. Here in Limmaland, you can get the best ideas for spicing things up. And we have all the information you need to know about IKEA play kitchen.

Ideas for the DUKTIG play kitchen

There are numerous ideas for pimping your IKEA play kitchen. You can start with matching accessories made of wood, felt or paper and surprise your child with handmade or bought food. You can also simply remodel the kitchen itself. Beautiful handles and knobs for the play kitchen make a big difference. Children also have a lot of fun with a play kitchen with lights or a kitchen with sounds. However, with the latter you should bear in mind that you will have to listen to them. Colour in the play kitchen also makes it unique. You can use a good paint for your play kitchen made of wood. Or you can use decal for the play kitchen. This is particularly easy to do. At Limmaland, you can get custom-fit film for some models of the play kitchen from the furniture manufacturer. And with the adhesive foils as yard goods you can also pimp kitchens from other manufacturers or your old play kitchen. Tip: You can even convert the back side of the play kitchen to play shop with the adhesive foils.
We in Limmaland are big fans of the IKEA play kitchen. However, we think that the DUKTIG play kitchen would look good in a few nice colours. After all, colours encourage creative play! We are not alone in this opinion. You can find countless ways to pimp the IKEA play kitchen online. However, what we find on the internet involves a lot of work. We think it could be much easier. With our furniture foils, you can DUKTIG the IKEA play kitchen and don't have to resort to brushes and paint straight away. Parents like our Scandinavian design and are delighted with how easy it is to apply.

A customised look - even for the old IKEA children's kitchen!

The IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen is often in the children's room for 2 to 4 years and is used almost every day. That's why many parents pimp the DUKTIG with our foils as a surprise and redesign the old IKEA play kitchen. The new look for what is probably the most popular piece of play furniture in the children's room is thus experiencing a new bloom. It only takes a few minutes to decorate the IKEA play kitchen with decal. The high quality of the materials used for the adhesive films for the IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen is very important to us.

  • Child-friendly films without dangerous plasticisers
  • Ecological printing
  • Easy to stick on without bubbles
  • Removable
  • With love from Cologne

Clever accessories for your DUKTIG play kitchen

Children's kitchens are one of the most popular toys and can be found in almost all children's rooms or living areas from the age of three at the latest. However, we can also find lots of great accessories for children's kitchens on the internet, often made from IKEA furniture and more. These are usually imaginatively designed and made with lots of love. Unfortunately, to realise such ideas, you not only need craftsmanship, but above all time. To save you time and take the fear out of crafting, we at Limmaland have developed adhesive foils that help you to quickly build accessories for the IKEA play kitchen.

extend IKEA play kitchen

You can easily expand the IKEA DUKTIG with clever ideas and make the play experience even more exciting for your child. With our creative accessories for the IKEA play kitchen you can get even more out of the DUKTIG. There are also many IKEA DUKTIG accessories available at IKEA. You can expand the IKEA play kitchen with cutlery, saucepans and more. Or you can use our craft kit and simply make the DUKTIG accessories yourself!

Play kitchen Accessories with foil sets

Simply design your own personalised accessories for the play kitchen. From the fridge to the washing machine, we have all the sticker sets you need to make your DUKTIG play kitchen perfect. It's entirely up to you which pieces of furniture you stick with the stickers. Many mums have told us that they can simply dispose of the IKEA DUKTIG kitchen once their child has finished playing. After all, it is possible to return the play kitchen to its original state at a later date. Simply heat the film with a hairdryer and peel it off piece by piece - DONE!

Play kitchen accessories simply do it yourself

Building your own play kitchen accessories is really child's play. We use high-quality decal, which enables bubble-free application. This cannot be compared with conventional films from craft shops or DIY stores. We promise! You don't need to be a skilled craftsman or DIY enthusiast to use Limmaland play solutions.

Role play with the IKEA play kitchen

With a lot of fantasy and imagination, the children always come up with new ways to play and give free rein to their ideas. They take adults as role models and therefore always want to help out and join in the cooking. Can you satisfy them with simple tasks? Not so easy. That's why parents usually resort to DUKTIG play kitchen, which allows children to develop role-play and group games very quickly. With the adhesive foils, which transform the conventional IKEA play kitchen into a realm all of its own, the role play of cooking is immediately more fun. It also promotes motor skills, body language and self-esteem. See for yourself in our online shop and pimp your IKEA children's kitchen!

The most frequently asked questions about play kitchen

From what age is the IKEA play kitchen useful?

The IKEA DUKTIG is a popular gift for children aged 2 or 3 for Christmas, birthdays or Easter. To answer the question, play kitchen yes or no, many parents start offering their child accessories for the play kitchen to play with at the age of one. If your child likes to play with pots or toy food, then you should think about buying a play kitchen. Playing with the mini kitchen is very creative and never gets boring. This is because you can always expand the kitchen with different accessories for the DUKTIG play kitchen and make it more interesting. In addition to the usual kitchen accessories such as pots and cooking spoons, you can always buy new accessories for the IKEA play kitchen made of wood or fabric or make your own with paper. It's worth buying a play kitchen because many children enjoy playing with it right up to primary school age. So there is no general answer to the question of how long the IKEA play kitchen is suitable for. However, there are so many ideas for the play kitchen that children will enjoy the game for a long time.

Play kitchen for boys?

Definitely! Because toys should not be chosen according to gender, but should fulfil the interests of your child. In times of emancipation, the kitchen is no longer the exclusive territory of women - many men are also enthusiastic cooks. And the same applies to IKEA play kitchen: it's not just girls who are interested in play kitchens, boys also enjoy playing chef. It's best to find out for yourself. If your child enjoys pots & pans, then you should think about buying the play kitchen for boys.

Play kitchen buy or build it yourself?

Think about how you want to use your play kitchen. A weatherproof plastic kitchen is great in the garden - but the wooden IKEA play kitchen is much more stable and durable. Of course, there are also different types of children's kitchens. You can start with a few pots and food and find out whether your child enjoys the play kitchen and whether it is worth buying a large play kitchen. When buying the play kitchen, you should make sure that the height of the work surface matches the height of the child. Children grow very quickly, which is why many manufacturers of children's kitchens offer height-adjustable models that grow with them and can be played with for several years. A self-built DIY play kitchen, on the other hand, is a truly unique piece that you can design creatively. However, you have less work to do if you buy a play kitchen made of wood or another material. You can pimp a store-bought kitchen with buttons, paint and adhesive foil.

Play kitchen or a shop?

Before making a purchase, many parents ask themselves whether they should opt for a play kitchen or a toy shop. Both role-play toys are clearly among the favourite play worlds in the nursery. We have compared the advantages of play kitchen and play shop for you:

  • Children can play alone in the play kitchen. In play shop you play with at least two people. A play shop is therefore probably more interesting for several children, while the play kitchen is a great activity to do alone.
  • The toy shop often takes up more space in the home as it requires more accessories than the play kitchen.
  • The best variant is a combination of play kitchen and kiosk, which unites both play worlds.

How much does the IKEA play kitchen DUKTIG cost?

The play kitchen DUKTIG regularly costs 89.99 euros at IKEA. However, there are always special offers - for example at Christmas time. However, you can also look on classified ad portals and buy the IKEA DUKTIG second-hand. The kitchen is often still in good condition after a few years of use.

What are the dimensions of the backsplash for the IKEA DUKTIG?

You can buy the IKEA DUKTIG backsplash at a DIY store - you can have a simple chipboard panel cut to size for a few euros. Dimensions: 32 x 67.5 cm