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IKEA hacks with the LÄTT children's seating group

Make the IKEA LÄTT children's seating group even cuter - with customised foils for playing, colouring and more. We show you cool hacks with the LÄTT table and matching chairs for your favourite little people.


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Decal for IKEA LÄTT children's table

Accessories for your IKEA LÄTT children's seating group

The IKEA LÄTT children's seating group looks beautiful in any children's room and is very practical. Children love to sit together at the table and play or colour together. Our practical play foils embellish the table and give it a whole new function. Our Limmaland adhesive foils make your IKEA LÄTT hacks child's play!

Everything you need to know about the IKEA LÄTT children's seating group

The IKEA LÄTT children's table comes in a practical set with two matching chairs. The children's seating group is light and narrow, making it ideal for small children's rooms with limited space. The price of the set is unbeatable! You can get the small IKEA LÄTT table including 2 chairs for just 25 euros. The furniture for children's rooms is made of solid pine and the table top is a hardboard with white foil. The simple design is timeless, but could still do with a refresh.

Dimensions of the children's seating group:

  • Table length: 63 cm
  • Table width: 48 cm
  • Table height: 45 cm
  • Seat width: 28 cm
  • Seat depth: 28 cm
  • Seat height: 28 cm

The best IKEA LÄTT hacks

With our furniture foil, you can easily embellish the plain table and even the chairs. Whether WASSERREICH for little pirates, farm for dear animal friends or our street foil. With the customised adhesive foils, you can turn the IKEA LÄTT children's table into a play table in the children's room in no time at all. The child-friendly stickers encourage creative play and make the children's seating group an eye-catcher in any room. Your little ones can either stand upright at the table or sit comfortably on the matching chairs and play together or alone for hours. And parents and grandparents can sit down to play at the IKEA LÄTT children's table. We also have great motifs for the IKEA LÄTT chairs that transform the plain pine wood into cute chairs for the children's room.
At some point, every play phase in a child's life is over. Our foils can be removed without leaving any residue, so the furniture can still be used in a teenager's room. And you can always integrate new IKEA LÄTT hacks into your children's room.

Turn your IKEA LÄTT table into a painting table

Are your kids little artists and love to spend their time being creative? Then the chalkboard film for the IKEA LÄTT children's table is the idea for you. Kids can let off steam with chalk and draw or write on the blackboard surface. What's more, the black foil looks pretty and can be perfectly combined with the colourful foils on the IKEA LÄTT chairs.
The extremely hard-wearing furniture foils have a special protective lamination and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The laminated IKEA LÄTT children's tables are therefore very easy to clean and are also the perfect alternative for allergy sufferers.
Our foils are:
  • CE-certified
  • Without dangerous plasticisers
  • printed with ecological ink without solvents
  • Made in Germany
  • Removable
  • Scratch-resistant and washable