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Minikommode Adventmotiv mit Tafelmtiv bemalbar

IKEA hacks with the MOPPE mini chest of drawers

What do you mean? The, the or the MOPPE? Well, it doesn't really matter, the main thing is that you have it at home. With clever IKEA MOPPE hacks, you can customise your mini chest of drawers.

Ikea Moppe Tafelfolie für Minikommode

Perfect organisation with blackboard film

Especially on the desk, everything has its place! And that also applies to the MOPPE from IKEA. At Limmaland, you can get the customised TAFFLA blackboard film, which you can paint or write on with chalk to your heart's content.


From €17.95
Panel film for IKEA MOPPE


From €17.95
Panel film for IKEA MOPPE
Ikea Moppe Klebefolien Meterware

IKEA MOPPE drawer colourful laminate

And how about a trendy pattern design to decorate the IKEA MOPPE? The combination of trendy colours and geometric patterns make for a stylish makeover. And not just in the children's room! IKEA MOPPE hacks also provide the perfect storage space for sewing accessories or cosmetics.

Painting mini chest of drawers

Of course you can also paint the MOPPE. The untreated birch wood provides the perfect base. However, you need a steady hand and patience to make sure it turns out properly. Need some tips?

Professional tips for painting IKEA furniture

Buttons for the MOPPE

If you like, you can also design the mini chest of drawers with handles. To do this, simply turn the drawer over and drill the holes for the knobs. By the way, we think the idea of using the MOPPE as a bedside table is great!

Klebefolie für Ikea Moppe Miniregal Mädchen
Ikea Moppe Klebefolie für Mädchen

Jewellery storage in the MOPPE

The dream in a girl's room: the mini chest of drawers with mirror is the perfect solution for storing clasps, jewellery and styling accessories.

Ikea Moppe Puppenküche DIY
Ikea Moppe DIY Puppenküche

MOPPE becomes a doll's kitchen

We had some fun and transformed the MOPPE mini chest of drawers into a play kitchen with blackboard foil and furniture handles. It's a wonderful place to practise cooking with mini pots until the real thing moves in! Play kitchencan move in!
Minikommode Adventmotiv mit Tafelmtiv bemalbar

Use MOPPE as an advent calendar

A homemade Advent calendar is of course always the best! But what's the best way to wrap the contents? This is where the MOPPE comes into its own! Each drawer is filled with 4 small packets and can be emptied one by one. Cute idea, isn't it?

Small but mighty: The IKEA MOPPE mini chest of drawers

storage The MOPPE is super practical for storing small items in the nursery or baby's room. Of course, it can also be used on the desk, the nappy-changing unit or in the colouring and play corner in the nursery. This little organising miracle is ideal for storing all kinds of small items.