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Accessories for the IKEA dollhouse

Doll's houses are very popular with children. We show you the most beautiful IKEA dollhouse ideas - with our perfectly fitting design decal you can quickly and easily conjure up the most beautiful home for dolls, firemen & co.



Decal for IKEA FLISAT dollhouse

Frequently asked questions about the IKEA FLISAT dollhouse

What are the advantages of the IKEA doll's house?

The popular dollhouse from IKEA from the FLISAT series comes in a simple Scandinavian design. And that's what we like so much about it! Because the small dollhouse made of wood offers the ideal basis for individual designs
  • Dollhouse made of solid wood, backsplash made of hardboard
  • Dimensions: W 58 x D 22 x H 59
  • Flexible: can be set up or attached to the wall
  • Sustainable: after the play phase, the IKEA dollhouse can be reused as a shelf
  • Fits perfectly with other pieces of furniture from the FLISAT series
  • Suitable for various dolls and play figures
  • Creative IKEA dollhouse furniture with Limmaland design decal
  • available online

Is the IKEA dollhouse suitable for boys?

Classically, the dollhouse for girls is considered a classic in the children's room. But we can't let that stand! Because boys also like to play with little figures. The simple wooden house is ideal as an accessory for Playmobil, for example, and can be transformed into a true play paradise with the help of stickers. For little heroes, the dollhouse becomes a fire station and little tractor fans have fun with the farm!

Is the IKEA dollhouse suitable for Barbies?

The FLISAT made of wood is a real all-rounder in the children's room, but due to its size it is not ideally suited for Barbies. But that's not a tragedy at all, because we also have a great and creative idea for your IKEA dollhouse for Barbie: Simply transform your  KALLAXshelf into a Barbie house! All dolls up to 30 cm in size can live here wonderfully, so it also fits well for Barbies or bendy dolls. Simply choose your design with or without a roof and stick the foil on your wall. Just slide the shelf in front of it and your new IKEA dream house for Barbie is ready. Of course, you can also continue to use the shelf in the traditional sense. Just put the boxes back on the shelf when you're done playing and the IKEA dollhouse will be back to storing toys in no time. With the matching design decal in Scandinavian style, you can make a great Barbie house yourself! We hope you enjoy the IKEA dollhouse ideas.

How can I pimp the dollhouse?

The dollhouse made of pine wood convinces with its clear lines and natural wood. However, children also want proper furnishings for their dollhouse and beautiful decorations just like their grown-ups. This includes wallpaper, pictures and carpets. And that's what you get from us at Limmaland! Our custom-fit stickers for the IKEA dollhouse will give you everything your decorating heart desires. Our sticker sheets in various designs consist of several elements that transform your dollhouse into something really special:
  • IKEA dollhouse wallpaper for the backsplash
  • several elements matching the design for dollhouse furnishing: for example, pictures, plants and carpets
The designs and colours of the beautiful wallpapers are based on the trendy Scandinavian style and therefore perfectly match the dollhouse from the FLISAT series. Together you can decide where to hang the stylish posters, where to roll out the carpet and where to place the plants. Playing in this beautiful house will certainly become even more imaginative and lively and enchant every child! Our designs look diverse and suitable for your child's favourite play world. With the stickers for dollhouse, you can not only conjure up a doll's home in stylish Scandinavian style, but also easily transform the simple wooden house into a police station, a fire station or a farm. Everyone gets their money's worth here! By the way: The IKEA dollhouse is also a great home for your Tonies!

Which play figures are suitable for the IKEA doll's house?

Because the wooden house is so beautiful and simple, it leaves enough room for creativity and individual furnishings. The size is perfect for different play figures - we have listed our favourites for you:
  • Playmobil at IKEA dollhouse
  • HABA play figures & HABA Little Friends
  • Schleich animals
  • Peppa the Wutz
  • IKEA dollhouse with Tonies

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