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Elf door: How a little elf can make your Christmas unforgettable

Wichtelhaus für Weihnachtswichtel

Welcome to the magical world of Secret Santa doors! 🎄Here you canfind out all about the magical tradition and how you can experience it in your home. The elf door is an enchanting way to increase the anticipation of Christmas and give children (and adults too) an unforgettable time. Let's dive in together and answer all your questions about "elf door"!

Who is the gnome? The custom of elf door

A elf is a magical Scandinavian tradition for the whole family. The elf are little helpers from Father Christmas or the Christ Child who spread their magic in the run-up to Christmas and create joy, shared memories and unforgettable family time.

Wichteltür mit Kind

Elf doorhow it works

As a rule, elf moves in with you on 1 December. Every family has a elf who, once he has been with you in a year, always returns to you (if you want him to). In the period from 1 to 24 December, the elf will sweeten the days until Christmas, especially with funny pranks. However, he (or she - there are also female elves) can also refer to current topics in the family, prepare small gifts and surprises for you or prepare games and activities for the children. A christmas elf is therefore like a kind of interactive Advent calendar.
There is no right or wrong in the Secret Santa world. Each family designs their elf season individually. Regardless of whether the elf appears every day or "only" gets up to mischief when visiting Grandma & Grandad, you alone decide on your own tradition that will create unforgettable memories.

Why the Secret Santa door? That's why the elf is never to be seen

elf live behind a small elf door that you place in your home. They lose their magical powers when they are seen by humans. That's why they spend most of their time behind the elf door and only come out at night to carry out their pranks, help in the gnome workshop or get up to other mischief.

24 Secret Santa letters

elf are nocturnal, so they don't have to hide from the children. Nevertheless, they make themselves heard every day by communicating with the help of gnome letters. They write to the children about what is on their minds or what they have observed. You will get to know your elf even better in the elves' letters, as they often write to you about their favourite food, their hobbies or their worries. The elf can also pick up on current topics that you are dealing with in the family and thus act as a neutral figure.

What does the gnome do? Elf Ideas for pranks

christmas elf have it thick as a fist behind their ears. Their favourite activity is to make the families in which they live laugh. And their favourite way to do this is with pranks.
Wichtel Streiche mit Schablone

Popular elf ideas for simple pranks:

  • Dye milk blue with food colouring
  • Replace candles on the Advent wreath with carrots
  • Knot the children's shoelaces
  • Painting faces on fruit or vegetables
  • Cut funny patterns into toilet paper
  • Draw tiny footprints on the kitchen table with chocolate cream
  • Scatter biscuit crumbs or sweet wrappers ( elf was hungry)
  • Turn chairs round at the kitchen table

Elf Accessories

To make your elf season extra magical, you can create a whole Secret Santa world with elf accessories.

The elf door

A small elf door is essential for your elf. Because behind it is his home for at least 24 days. You can build a DIY elf door yourself from wooden spatulas. A purchased version is easier and quicker. Very important: A elf door should never be able to be opened. We don't want your children suddenly looking at a white wall behind it. After all, the magical world of the gnome is hidden behind it. The Limmaland elf door even glows in the dark, making it even more magical.
Wichteltür mit Zubehör

Furniture and accessories for the christmas elf

A small ladder to help the elf into his door is particularly nice. But a doormat, a small light and a box for letters are also good ideas to make your elf door even cosier.
Wichtel Handbuch

Elf Idea book

A elf can, admittedly, be a lot of work if it has to appear every day. You can find numerous ideas for elf pranks on various blogs. In the Limmaland Secret Santa handbooks you get a 24-day plan. This gives you an idea for a prank, a magic trick or an activity such as a game or colouring in for every day in December. The matching craft templates are included in the appendix of the books. You will also receive a pre-written Secret Santa letter for each day that matches the respective idea. With the 24-day plan, you have everything you need in one book and save yourself the hassle of researching. Thanks to alternative Secret Santa letters and other ideas for magic or pranks for the christmas elf, you still remain flexible.
Zubehör für Wichtel Baustelle

Elf Building site

To avoid overwhelming your children with the arrival of the elf, you can set up a elf construction site a few days in advance. This will be placed where the elf door will be installed on 1 December. The elf will gradually build its home here. And on the day he moves in, you will find his elf door here.

Your all-round carefree package

Are you keen to have a christmas elf move into your home, but are afraid of too much work? With our all-round carefree package, you get everything you need from a single source.

  • Elf STARTA accessories: In this set, you'll find everything you need to get started with your elf. From a elf door with a glow effect to a letterbox for the Secret Santa letters and miniature baking trays for the elf.
  • Elf HANDBØK I: With the gnome manual 1 you are equipped for the entire elf season, especially as a elf beginner. In the 1x1 of the Secret Santa world, we introduce you to the basics of Secret Santa. This is followed by a 24-day plan that provides you with an idea for each day, including a prescribed Secret Santa letter. You will also find simple craft templates for each day. Even with little time, you can use these to creatively design elf season. Clever last-minute ideas and additional Secret Santa letters allow you to remain flexible.
  • Elf BAUPLATS: With the accessories for the Wichtel construction site, you can perfectly announce the anticipation of christmas elf.
  • Elf POSTA: The letter pad, which matches the Secret Santa letters in the manual, gives you the flexibility to write your own Secret Santa letters. Or you can use the pad for Christmas shopping lists.

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about elf

What age is the elf suitable for?

Of course, it's up to you to decide when you want to bring the elf into your home. Experience has shown that children from the age of 3 can understand the story behind the elf door and often enjoy the christmas elf well into primary school age. However, many parents also let the elf move in at an earlier age. Our tip: Just give it a try - and if your child is still too young, then the elf will simply come back next year. We always get feedback that not only the children but also the parents really enjoy the mystery of elf door.

Does the elf replace an advent calendar?

The elf is present every day. Just like an advent calendar, the little ones can look forward to a message, a prank or an activity prepared by elf every day. We think so: The elf creates a special magic in the run-up to Christmas and gets us in the Christmas spirit even more than an Advent calendar.

When is the christmas elf moving out again?

The elf moves out again at Christmas, because that's when its work is done. It's often hard to say goodbye to your favourite house guest, but he'll definitely be back next year. Tip: Maybe the elf will send a postcard in between?

Where is the elf door attached?

You should put the elf door in a place where it won't get in the way. A corner in the living room, kitchen or hallway is best, where there is some space for decorations and pranks and there is no constant "through traffic". The children's room (or bedroom) is not a good place for the elf door, as there is a lot going on outside the small door at night that the little ones should only discover the next morning.

How is the elf door attached?

The best way to attach the elf door to the wall is with self-adhesive poster strips. These stick firmly and can still be removed without leaving any residue.