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Free shipping to DE from 59€

Elf door & accessories

Here at Limmaland, you can get everything you need for a magical Secret Santa season!

Your all-round carefree set for the elf season

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Elf door & buy accessories

The elf season in Limmaland is particularly magical. Our little helper sweetens the pre-Christmas season with games, pranks and surprises. But many parents are not sure whether they can spin the continuous story around the elf 24 days. Because, of course, the popular house guest also requires effort and creativity. And that's exactly why you can get everything you need for your magical Secret Santa season here at Limmaland this year: Not only do we provide you with all the supplies, but also all the ideas. If you like, we can even provide you with a detailed plan for the day.
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Elf book with a daily plan

Would you like to let elf move in with you, but just don't have time for 24 days of creativity? December is always a turbulent month anyway. But that's exactly why we've prepared everything for you! Our elf editor Jana has spent several months researching and putting together the perfect plan for a magical yet feasible elf season. And in collaboration with graphic designer Maren, we created the ultimate book for elf season.

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Elf pranks made easy

Save time with clever ideas from Limmaland! We have lots of simple ideas for pranks, surprises and more that you can easily prepare and realise in a flash. Such as the self-adhesive template for the elf accident on the glass pane.