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IKEA Chests of Drawers & Cupboards

Ideas for storage and organisation in the baby and children's room with chests of drawers and cupboards from IKEA. 


Wooden handles for IKEA furniture

An IKEA chest of drawers offers lots of storage space in the children's room

There is an IKEA chest of drawers in almost every home. It is particularly practical in the children's room and offers lots of storage space for clothes, toys and craft materials. Many people also use an IKEA chest of drawers in the baby room as a changing unit. If you want to buy your chest of drawers at IKEA and are looking for a classic chest of drawers, there is a wide range of styles, colours and sizes. Very popular at IKEA are the  HEMNES chest of drawers  and the  MALM chest of drawers. Both are chests of drawers with drawer in various numbers. The chests of drawers are usually quite large and take up a lot of space, so it is worth comparing the two IKEA chests of drawers. We answer the most frequently asked questions about a suitable chest of drawers for the baby room and children's room.

The most frequently asked questions about chests of drawers from IKEA 

Can you turn any chest of drawers into a changing unit? 

This is indeed possible with many chests of drawers. The important thing is that the dimensions of the chest of drawers are suitable for use as a changing table. Do you have a chest of drawers with the right height and width? Then the idea of using it as a changing table is very practical, because the chest of drawers can be quickly converted again after the changing phase.
The easiest way is to use a matching changing unit, which you can find for many models in various online shops. If you are good with your hands, you can also build a changing mat yourself. Mount the new changing mat on the chest of drawers and complete the whole thing with a matching changing mat. That's it!

How high should a changing unit be? 

The right height of the changing unit is very important for back-friendly changing and should depend on your height. A height of 85 to 105 cm is recommended. You should be able to bend over chest of drawers comfortably.

Can I paint an IKEA chest of drawers? 

That depends on the exact piece of furniture and the material of the IKEA chest of drawers. In principle, most wooden models can be painted, but you will first have to sand the surface well and, ideally, dismantle the piece of furniture. Sanding and painting is usually very time-consuming.
If you want to make it easier for yourself, we have beautiful design decal in exact sizes for the drawer of HEMNES chest of drawers and MALM chest of drawers. These foils are ready for direct gluing.
Do you have another chest of drawers that you would like to redesign? Then we have just the thing for you: our yard goods. It's a quick and easy way to get creative and pimp your IKEA chest of drawers - just the way you want it!

All our design decal have an extremely hard-wearing surface with a special protective lamination. This means they can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and are particularly suitable for children's rooms with allergies.