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11 clever IKEA hacks with the TROFAST Shelf

Discover the diversity of the TROFAST series and create your perfect storage solution for the children's room with the IKEA TROFAST shelf. 
Personalisierte Sticker für Spielzeug-Aufbewahrung im IKEA Trofast

1. Toy- storage with IKEA TROFAST

The IKEA TROFAST shelf is the perfect toy shelf in the children's room. You can put the practical boxes together yourself depending on the toys. Your kids can easily reach the IKEA toy shelf and pull out the lightweight boxes on their own. Foils for the toy boxes decorate the little shelf and make it even more popular with the minis. 
Our design foil can even be personalised. Also perfect for your laundry in the utility room, supplies in the kitchen or documents in the office.
IKEA Trofast Ordnungssticker für Kleinkinder
IKEA Trofast Hack für Lego Aufbewahrung

2. IKEA TROFAST Hacks make tidying up child's play

We want to teach even small children to keep their children's room organisation tidy. Because a certain amount of structure makes sense even for the smallest ones and is also encouraged early on in Montessori education. For this reason, we at Limmaland have designed order stickers with various symbols that provide an ideal basis for your IKEA TROFAST Hacks. In this way, we give even very young children the opportunity to create organisation on their own and to build up their own order system in their children's room. And they don't even need to be able to read, because the child-friendly symbols show them exactly where things belong. Our stickers for LEGO game pieces match the different colours. This way, even children have fun tidying up and keeping organisation .

IKEA Trofast Spielfolie und Boxenbeklebung

3. Creating play worlds with IKEA TROFAST Hacks 

With the furniture hacks from Limmaland, the practical TROFAST shelves and boxes become beautiful play elements in every child's room in no time at all. With the clever IKEA TROFAST Hacks, your little ones can play together comfortably at eye level and standing upright, building their exciting play worlds. In the evening, everything can be stored away in the colourful IKEA TROFAST boxes in no time at all. 

Did you know that? Our extremely durable furniture films have a special protective lamination and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. This means you can keep your IKEA TROFAST shelf hygienically clean, despite the fact that it's on decal.

Montessori Kleiderschrank aus IKEA Kallax und Trofast

4. Wardrobe for children with the TROFAST shelving unit

With the practical IKEA TROFAST boxes in the KALLAX shelf, clothes can be sorted directly into practical drawer at children's height. This way, kids can learn to choose and sort their clothes independently at a young age.

Montessori wardrobe

Matschküche aus IKEA Trofast und IKEA Knagglig

5. Mud kitchen and play barbecue with IKEA TROFAST Hacks 

You can use an IKEA TROFAST box for more than just storage. It's also great for playing with and can easily be transformed into a cooker and a play barbecue. Simple IKEA TROFAST hacks can be used to create a real summer highlight with mud kitchen and a barbecue that will delight young and old alike.

To the instructions

Kinderzimmer Ideen Aufbewahrung

6. Convert TROFAST into a desk

Little artists need enough space to work. And that's why we think this simple IKEA TROFAST hack is so ingenious! Buy a desk top at the DIY store and screw it onto two TROFAST shelves. The width of your desk is up to you. And it also depends on whether you have the children's shelf in white or pine: The white shelf is 99 cm wide, which is 6 cm wider than the pine TROFAST. The depth of the desk top should be 44 cm in both cases - this is also the depth of the TROFAST shelf.

7. Feel and experience: Turning over TROFAST shelves

Discover the world with all your senses - this also includes feeling and touching on your own. Our IKEA hack: If you turn the TROFAST shelf upside down, you get a playing surface on top that you can fill with shells, stones or dry pulses. The frame on which the TROFAST shelf actually stands on the ground means that nothing can roll off. And the practical thing is that the TROFAST boxes also fit exactly into the frame.

Sinnestisch Ideen Flisat

8. Storage space in the table with TROFAST boxes

The IKEA FLISAT table can also be complemented with TROFAST boxes. The practical storage boxes fit perfectly into the recess under the removable table tops of the IKEA children's table. A really clever way to store pens, paper and co. Storage.

Kinderzimmer Ideen Schlafbereich

9. Into bed on the staircase

IKEA TROFAST is a true all-rounder. You can even build a staircase with it. To do this, you need the TROFAST basic element measuring 99x44x94 cm. The shelf consists of 3 elements in different heights, which is perfect as a staircase. This way, the IKEA KURA bunk bed  can be easily pimped and at the same time, the boxes create additional storage space for the children's room.

To the IKEA KURA Hacks

Stauraum schaffen Kinderzimmer

10. Perfectly used: storage space with the TROFAST bed

You can never have enough storage space! Especially in a small children's room, the space under the bed is well used. Henriette simply added a bed construction to IKEA's TROFAST storage system. | Photo:

To the instructions

Kinderzimmer Ideen Aufbewahrung

11. Hanging TROFAST on the wall

If you hang the children's shelf on the wall, you make double use of the space. However, you should make sure that you use thick wall plugs and that the TROFAST is really firmly attached. The disadvantage of hanging on the wall: The kids can no longer reach the drawer themselves.

IKEA TROFAST for laundry in the children's room 

The order stickers for the IKEA TROFAST shelf is available not only with symbols for toys but also for sorting laundry. Because the shelves also function ideally as a mini wardrobe. The child-friendly symbols mean that even the youngest children can learn to help out independently and know exactly where their trousers, T-shirts etc. belong. 

Sorting LEGO with the IKEA TROFAST shelves 

Do you also have colourful LEGO bricks flying around your children's room? Now put an end to it! With the Limmaland stickers for the IKEA TROFAST shelf, it's even fun to put the bricks back in their place. The order stickers are in matching LEGO colours. This way, the kids can easily and independently see where the bricks belong.

To the stickers

Accessories for the IKEA TROFAST series 

The IKEA TROFAST series is a must-have in every child's room. After all, the series was specially developed for storage toys. The flexible combination of the sturdy frames with the removable boxes allows you to create your perfect storage solution in the children's room or playroom. And with the right hacks, you can get even more out of the IKEA TROFAST series. 

Everything you need to know about IKEA TROFAST 

The clever storage series from the Swede consists of stable floor frame racks and matching removable boxes. The differently sized frames of the IKEA TROFAST shelves are available in white and pine. These basic elements are complemented by the practical TROFAST boxes in various sizes. The low height of the shelves makes it possible for children's hands to reach each box.
IKEA Trofast Frontbeklebung