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IKEA hacks with the SMASTAD series

IKEA has developed a new series for the children's room. The products in the new IKEA SMASTAD collection are similar to the popular STUVA series, but with fresh colours and adapted, simpler designs. We tell you what the new collection has in store for you.

What does the IKEA SMASTAD range include?

The new IKEA SMASTAD series includes a bunk bed, various wardrobes in fresh new colours and new layouts as well as variable storage units and benches with plenty of storage space for toys. The IKEA SMASTAD series is suitable for everything from baby rooms to children's rooms and teenage bedrooms.

SMASTAD: Simple designs without handles

IKEA SMASTAD impresses with its clear, simple designs and smooth surfaces without handles. But don't worry, there are great handles that you can retrofit. The new IKEA SMASTAD wardrobes offer compartments for folded clothes and an integrated pull-out clothes rail for dresses etc. There are also still other different versions of the wardrobe. Sometimes with lots of drawer for plenty of storage space, sometimes without any at all. As you would expect from the variable IKEA STUVA series, you can also make the most of the space in your child's room with different storage combinations.


Some of the IKEA SMASTAD wardrobes have been combined with the IKEA PLATSA series. The body of the wardrobes is from the well-known PLATSA wardrobe series and is complemented with SMASTAD door elements. The best of both worlds.

Is the SMASTAD range also suitable for the teenager's room?

The IKEA SMASTAD series has a very special multifunctional piece of furniture for the children's or teenagers' room. A bunk bed with an integrated desk and plenty of storage space and shelf space as well as an integrated wardrobe.

IKEA SMASTAD planner helps with customised furnishing

The furniture in the storage series for children's rooms can be flexibly combined. This means you can always get the best out of your children's room and customise the furnishings according to the age of your offspring. With the IKEA SMASTAD planner, you can customise existing combinations or create your very own.

IKEA SMASTAD hacks with customised decal

Here at Limmaland, you can of course also get the right IKEA hacks for the SMASTAD children's range. With custom-fit decal, you can transform the furniture into exciting play worlds in the children's room. The IKEA SMASTAD bench is ideal as a play table in the children's room. The low height allows kids to play comfortably standing up. And the drawer offers plenty of space for puzzles, craft materials or toys. Choose from many different motifs that encourage creative play.
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