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Montessori im Kinderzimmer

IKEA Hacks & Ideas in the Children's Room

With creativity and a few little tricks, normal furniture and products from IKEA can be misused, transformed, repurposed or embellished. Would you like to be a little more individual?

The children's room is a very special place. This is where children learn, play, laugh, cry and discover the world. So that little people can develop optimally and discover their interests, you can design the children's room individually for your child. We have put together the most beautiful IKEA hacks & ideas for the children's room for you!

1. Play kitchen pimp

Spice up your IKEA play kitchen to your taste in just 15 minutes. And you don't need any super powers of craftsmanship! 

2. IKEA seating group in the children's room

Puzzles, painting and handicrafts are best done at the table. For little people, IKEA has great seating groups that you can transform into exciting play worlds or painting tables with our custom-fit adhesive foils.

IKEA Hacks Kinderzimmer Sitzgruppe

3. Storage in the IKEA children's room

organisation is half the battle - this also applies to the children's room! With our practical organisation stickers, you can store toys and clothes optimally and find everything again quickly. With the symbols or labels, even children know which toy belongs in which drawer. Say goodbye to chaos in the children's room!
Tip: order stickers with symbols even toddlers can "read"!

TROFAST Regal mit Ordnungsstickern

4. Building a multifunctional table

One play table, many possibilities! We have collected the best ideas for a homemade multifunctional table in the children's room for you.

Ikea Multifunktionstisch gestalten Klebefolie

5. Cot in the IKEA children's room

Little mice should feel especially comfortable in the children's bed and process all the impressions of the day. We are big fans of the IKEA loft bed KURA because you can set up the bed as a bunk bed or low bed bed. With our matching accessories, you can embellish and extend it perfectly.
Tip: You can use the IKEA KURA first as low bed and later as bunk bed!

Klebefolie für IKEA KURA Hochbett mit Regenbogenmotiv

6. IKEA highchair Hacks

Turn your IKEA Antilop highchair into something really special. We show you 5 quick and easy hacks to make your highchair more practical, safer and more beautiful.

7. Mud kitchen IKEA Hack

On the balcony at home or in the garden, the mini sandbox is just the thing for the warm season. Discover now how you can build your own mud kitchen in 5 minutes.

IKEA Trofast Hack - Matschküche selber bauen

8. Collecting fun on the IKEA shelf

Children love their little treasures. Whether it's Tonies, Ü-egg figurines or their favourite Schleich animals: there's a place for everything on the practical IKEA LUSTIGT shelf! And with our perfectly fitting wall decal, the simple shelf becomes a cosy home.

IKEA Hacks Kinderzimmer LUSTIGT

9. Play fridge build it yourself

The IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen is very popular with our little people. After all, role-playing games are really fun! And to really spice up your play kitchen, we'd like to introduce a new IKEA hack today: the KALTHALTA. 

Kinderküche mit Kühlschrank

10. Play shop build it yourself with IKEA

Actually, there is no play shop at IKEA. So we've come up with a super hack on how you can build a practical cute DIY toy shop with simple wooden boxes and more accessories from IKEA. 

Kaufladen und Kassenband beim Spielen

11. Decoration ideas for the IKEA children's room

Children grow up and their interests change accordingly. Therefore, it makes sense to choose furniture in the children's room in a simple design so that it can be used for a long time. With the right decoration, you can always change a simple IKEA children's room and encourage your child's creativity. Small details make a big difference.

IKEA Hack für Tonies mit Metallleiste

12. KALLAX hacks in the children's room

Our all-rounder in the children's room: IKEA KALLAX is an integral part of almost every home. So why not use the shelves for playing too? We'll show you several ideas to turn your shelf into a beautiful piece of play furniture with IKEA KALLAX hacks.

See ideas

Ikea Kallax Hack

13. Ingenious ideas with the TROFAST shelf

Discover the diversity of the TROFAST series and create your perfect storage solution for the children's room with the IKEA TROFAST shelf.

See ideas

IKEA Trofast Frontbeklebung Safari Tiere

14. LACK side table in the children's room

Almost everyone has one of the popular tables from the IKEA LACK series at home. But the simple furniture is not really an eye-catcher. We show you how to turn the LACK tables into creative individual pieces for your children's room.

LACK in the children's room

Ikea Kindertisch Hack

15. Enchant the FLISAT series

The FLISAT children's series by IKEA convinces with clear lines and natural wood. Do you also have a beautiful piece of furniture from the FLISAT series in your children's room? With its particularly simple design, the furniture is ideal as a basis for unusual IKEA hacks. And you don't even have to go to great lengths to create an individual design for the children's furniture series. We have put together the best ideas for you!

FLISAT ideas

Kinderzimmer Ideen Puppenhaus

16. Montessori wardrobe with IKEA

A children's wardrobe helps children to dress themselves independently and to take care of their own clothes. The best thing is that the Montessori wardrobe can be easily implemented with IKEA furniture. We have collected the best ideas with IKEA for your children's wardrobe.

Wardrobe ideas

Klebefolien und Designideen für das IKEA KALLAX Regal

17. IKEA Hack Montessori Sensory Table

By consciously experiencing their senses during sensory play, children are supported in many areas of their child development. With a sensory table you can support your child in a simple way. We have summarised everything you need to know about sensory tables and give you tips for your own sensory table.

Sensory Table IKEA Hacks

Sinnestisch mit IKEA Boxen

18. IVAR in the children's room

Whether in the kitchen, in the study or even as a wardrobe: IVAR always performs well. And the shelving system also cuts a fine figure in the children's room. Especially with the right IKEA IVAR Hack.


IKEA IVAR im Kinderzimmer

19. Montessori Washing Machine

Children simply love to imitate us adults. And this also applies to often rather unloved household chores. That's why we've got another ingenious IKEA hack for you: We're making a washing machine for children!

Montessori washing machine

Montessori Wäscheständer Waschmaschine
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    Farben lernen und erkennen
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  • Wetteruhr basteln
    Wetteruhr basteln
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Matching accessories & foils for your IKEA furniture

We love IKEA and yet we want to design our home individually. You think that doesn't go together? Yes, they do, and how! Welcome to the world of IKEA Hacks. 

Creative IKEA hacks for kids

Especially in the children's room, stylish furnishing highlights can be conjured up from simple IKEA furniture. You can decorate according to your child's personal interests and create a dreamy children's room with simple means and clever IKEA hacks. With its minimalist Scandinavian design, IKEA furniture provides the perfect basis for unusual ideas for your child's room. And you don't have to limit yourself to children's furniture, because you can also transform the real classics from IKEA into special play furniture. Do you still have an old BILLY shelf in your study that you no longer need? With a creative IKEA hack, it's great fun to play with in your child's room.

Original IKEA hacks made in a flash

Of course, there are many great examples of elaborate IKEA hacks that turn the kids' room into something really special. After all, with colourful paints and varnishes and clever drilling and hammering, you can achieve quite a lot. But you don't have to bring along a lot of time and craftsmanship to make your home more individual. At Limmaland, we offer you simple solutions with our high-quality adhesive films to embellish your IKEA furniture according to your wishes. No matter if you want to spice up your chest of drawers, the old wall shelf or the second-hand play kitchen - in Limmaland you will find the right ideas.

Perfect fit decal for your IKEA hacks in the children's room

The side table becomes a LEGO world, the bunk bed becomes a DINO research centre and the old shelf from the hallway gets a second life as play kitchen in the children's room. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to IKEA hacks! And with the perfect-fit adhesive films for furniture and walls, your DIY projects are guaranteed to be a big success. Our numerous designs enchant every children's room with style and create completely new play worlds. Little heroes, animal lovers and racing drivers will get their money's worth.

Eco-friendly upcycling with IKEA Hacks

The beauty of IKEA hacking is that you can create something completely new from used and perhaps even unloved pieces of furniture. After all, you don't always have to buy new furniture to give your child's room an exciting makeover. With a little creativity and our child-friendly stickers, you can turn existing products into real highlights. You can also look around for used IKEA furniture and products on classified ad portals or flea markets. You can remove any traces of use from the previous owner in no time at all with your IKEA hacks. You'll save money - and the environment.