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Lernturm selber bauen DIY

IKEA learning tower

IKEA learning tower

IKEA hack for a DIY learning tower and learning tower alternatives
Lernturm selber bauen DIY
You've probably seen it a lot on Instagram and Pinterest. We're talking about the self-built IKEA learning tower: a combination of the BEKVÄM* step stool and the ODDVAR* stool from the Swedish furniture manufacturer. With a little colour and decalit looks pretty and is practical. However, opinions on the learning tower are divided. We explain why and what possible alternatives there are for you.

What is a learning tower for children?

A learning tower for children is a type of highchair on which your children can stand at the height of the kitchen worktop so that they can watch and help you. The learning tower is secured on all four sides so that the little ones cannot fall out.

Lernturm selber bauen

Decal for the IKEA Learning Tower

Learning tower yes or no?

Opinions are divided on this question. Many parents find the learning tower super practical. Others, on the other hand, are rather sceptical about the self-built piece of furniture. On the one hand, the learning tower gives our little ones the opportunity to join the grown-ups in the bathroom and kitchen. On the other hand, the question arises as to whether we should raise children to a height that they are not yet able to reach. What's more, the learning tower is a self-built piece of furniture - is it really tip-proof? The question of the learning tower therefore harbours advantages and disadvantages as well as dangers.

Tilt protection for IKEA learning tower

If you decide to build a learning tower from the IKEA BEKVÄM Trittocker * and the IKEA ODDVAR stool *, you should be aware that the self-built learning tower can quickly tip over. There are many retailers online who offer an anti-tipper suitable for the DIY IKEA learning tower. This can reduce the risk of tipping over. Nevertheless, your child should never be left unattended in the learning tower.

Conclusion on the DIY learning tower

Before you build yourself a learning tower, you should be absolutely aware that a DIY learning tower like this is a wobbly affair. Your child must therefore be supervised at all times. Do you have a rather restless child or can you not guarantee 100% supervision? Then look around for alternatives on the market or be inspired by our learning tower alternatives. Safety first!

The best learning tower alternatives

Lernturm Alternative

Chopping at child height

We are absolutely thrilled with this IKEA hack! When her daughter outgrew the children's kitchen, @lilien_zauber simply converted the kitchen into a work surface for little people. To do this, she removed the sink and tap from the base unit. And then simply attached a sturdy wooden board from the DIY store to the play kitchen as a worktop. And that's it!

Lernturm Kinderküche

Play kitchen as a learning tower alternative

Little people naturally want to join in with the big ones - and they should. If you don't want to convert your play kitchen into a work surface just yet, we have another simple tip for you.
Simply place the play kitchen for the minis as close as possible to your kitchen so that they feel like they can help out right in the middle. Although the area of the IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen is not too large, the young chefs can still do small jobs there.
Image source: sarahs_fashionseite
Lernturm selber bauen Badezimmer

Independent tooth brushing for the little ones

Combing hair, brushing teeth, washing hands - there's no getting round it. These (often unloved) chores are best done at child height. Quasi learning towers for the bathroom. @fraeulein__schnickschnack has built a particularly nice alternative for herself and the minis. We've collected even more creative ideas for you here:

Montessori bathroom ideas

Ikea Trofast Montessori Hack

Montessori play idea with IKEA TROFAST

The IKEA TROFAST shelf * with the matching decal allows our little ones to play comfortably at eye level. At the same time, toys, dolls, building blocks, books, etc. can be stored in the lower area and thus within easy reach of the kids. @sarahs_fashionseite shows what your IKEA TROFAST could look like.
Lernturm selber bauen Bücher

Picture books at children's height

Little bookworms can choose their own picture books with this child's play IKEA hack from @schwarzwaldtrulla. All books are stored at child height on the spice rack* and are always within easy reach for little bookworms.

Lernturm selber bauen Kleiderschrank

Wardrobe for little people

When it comes to clothes, many small people also want to be at the forefront. That's why it makes sense to organise the wardrobe at children's height. This way, toddlers can learn to organise their socks independently. And maybe even pick out their Sunday outfit.

Image source: Instagram @polishedplayhouse

Fancy even more IKEA hacks?

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