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Montessori Badezimmer

Montessori bathroom

Montessori bathroom for children

Ideas and IKEA hacks for our favourite little people
Montessori Badezimmer

Help me to do it myself! As friends of Montessori education, we have the best IKEA hacks in our luggage again today: we are creating a Montessori bathroom. Because even the smallest mice can and want to do a lot themselves. And you can easily support them in this. Be curious.

Montessori washbasin IKEA Hack

Combing hair, brushing teeth, washing hands - all things that are simply part of everyday life. But even these self-evident things have to be learnt first. And learning means doing it yourself! Maybe not perfectly right away. But at their own pace and with their own drive. The ideal way to help your children is with a washbasin at eye level - the Montessori bathroom.
Montessori Badezimmer Waschtisch
Montessori Waschtisch aus IKEA Stuhl
Montessori Badezimmer Waschzeug

What you need for the Montessori washstand

  • IVAR* wooden chair from IKEA or an existing chair
  • IKEA +* plastic container
  • IKEA ÖNSKLIG* containers in a set of 4
  • small towel hooks, e.g. IKEA PLUTT*
  • a children's mirror
  • a jigsaw
  • Sandpaper
  • Pencil

How to build the Montessori bathroom

  1. Place the IKEA + plastic container on the seat of your wooden chair. Now grab the pencil and trace the outline of the container.
  2. Now use the jigsaw to saw a circular hole in the seat of the wooden chair. Caution: Saw out the circle approx. 1 cm further inwards than your pencil drawing. After all, the plastic container should stay in the chair and not fall through the hole ;)
  3. Now it's time to sand. Use the sandpaper to sand the edges completely smooth so that your little hands are not exposed to the risk of splinters afterwards.
  4. Now place the plastic container in the sawn-out hole. Then hang the mirror on the back of the chair.
  5. You can attach the small containers from IKEA to the small wooden slats under the chair - this ensures that nothing can slip. And now glue the towel hooks to the chair legs.

Your DIY Montessori bathroom IKEA hack is ready!

More Montessori ideas for you

Discover more Montessori ideas for your children's room. True to the motto "Help me to do it myself!".

Top improvised: Montessori bathroom with IKEA bench

Montessori Badezimmer

The lovely @fraeulein__schnickschnack has built herself a somewhat simpler but no less beautiful IKEA Montessori washstand. She used the IKEA Molger bench for this. Unfortunately, IKEA has taken this out of its range. However, IKEA has lots of other great bathroom shelves that are perfect for the hack. Place everything your mini needs on it: a bowl of your choice, flannels, toothbrushes, a mini mirror and a carafe of water.

Montessori bathroom for advanced students

Montessori Bad für Kinder

A children's washbasin with running water? Desiree from the @desireebuecherfee channel had this great idea: she transformed her bidet into a Montessori washbasin using a wooden bench she built herself. Little tots can now turn on the tap to brush their teeth and wash their hands all by themselves. Great!

Simple and affordable: Montessori bathroom hack

Montessori Badezimmer Hack Heizung
Would you like to see how your little ones get on with the Montessori bathroom without too much effort? We have a simple and inexpensive tip for this. The towel warmer in the bathroom is perfect for hanging storage containers such as the IKEA NEREBY* at child height. With the ENUDDEN hanger from IKEA*, you can also hang towels and a small mirror on the improvised Montessori washbasin.

Off to the bath: Montessori hanging washbasin

Montessori Badezimmer Waschbecken

This very simple solution is also great: a children's washbasin to hang in the bath. This makes it very easy for little people to wash their hands and brush their teeth at eye level. And little ones can do everything themselves.

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