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Allergiker Kinderzimmer Einrichtung

6 tips for your allergy sufferer's nursery

Allergiker Kinderzimmer Einrichtung

Children's rooms for allergy sufferers

Cleanliness and hygiene play a particularly important role in children's rooms. Not only bacteria and viruses are lurking everywhere, but also pollen and house dust mites. These are causing allergies and hay fever in more and more children. But don't worry: with a few simple tips, you can organise your child's room in such a way that you can keep it clean easily and routinely so that even little allergy sufferers feel completely comfortable in their room.

6 tips for furnishing children's rooms for allergy sufferers - play without pollen, dust mites and hay fever

Before furnishing the room, think about what furniture and how much storage space is needed in the room. The more airy the room is, the better. When buying new furniture, it is best to always replace one piece of furniture and not add several. Because every piece of furniture is a new "dust catcher".

Kinderzimmer Spieltisch

1. The right choice of furniture for a children's room for allergy sufferers

High cupboards are hard to reach. But a lot of house dust collects in the places we don't reach so often. Our advice is therefore: use low cupboards, chests of drawers and sideboards in the children's room. You should be able to reach everywhere relatively easily, so you can vacuum and wipe down the furniture regularly without any problems.

For an extra dose of fun, use custom-fit play table adhesive foils for your furniture. Unlike a play mat, you don't need textiles, which can quickly collect dust and pollen. The high-quality laminated foils can be wiped clean with soap and water or disinfectant.

Kinderzimmer Hochbett

2. Sleeping without hay fever in a children's room for allergy sufferers

When choosing a bed, you should make sure that it either has fairly high feet so that you can vacuum and mop well underneath and dust and pollen don't collect. Or buy a bed that stands directly on the floor, such as the IKEA KURA bed*. This makes it easy to vacuum the edges and prevents house dust and pollen from collecting under the bed.

So that even little allergy sufferers don't have to do without cheerful colours in their sleeping area, you can also decorate the cot with adhesive foils.

Allergiker Kinderzimmer Spielzeugboxen

3. Toy boxes with lids help against house dust

Toys should be tidied away after playtime and ideally stored in toy boxes with lids. This way, small and large items are always organised and don't collect dust on and between them. We think the IKEA TROFAST boxes* are perfect. They keep all toys well organised and protected. And of course you don't have to do without colourful decorations in the children's room with the practical storage.

Extra tip: Make sure that the number of toys and clothes does not get out of hand, especially in a child's room for allergy sufferers. Muck out regularly with your child and store seasonal clothes in boxes with lids. Too many superfluous items are just dust catchers. You can also find the best tips for clearing out with children here:

Allergiker Kinderzimmer Wanddeko

4. No chance for dust mites with few textiles

Dust and dust mites naturally like to settle on fabrics. That's why you should avoid curtains and prefer to use washable roller blinds. You should also avoid a large collection of cushions. Or wash them regularly. Children love cuddly toys and plush friends should also be at home in children's rooms for allergy sufferers. Our recommendation: compromise on a few soft toys and choose them in advance so that they are easy to wash.

You can use colourful wall decorations to keep the children's room cosy for allergy sufferers despite the lack of fabrics.

Kind spielt mit Kaufladen und DIY Kaufmannsladenzubehör

Tip for children's rooms with allergies: play shop to stick on!

5. When to ventilate a child's room with allergies?

To minimise the accumulation of pollen in your flat or house if you have a pollen allergy, you can remember that you should ventilate in the evening in the countryside and early in the morning in the city. The pollen count is usually lowest at these times. It is important that you always ventilate for approx. 5-10 minutes.

6. Pollen screens for windows in children's rooms

An important tip to prevent pollen from entering in the first place is to have a good pollen screen in front of the windows. If you have a child with allergies at home, you should look at high-quality solutions that allow you to click the pollen screen into the window frame and remove it just as easily to clean it. You can easily rinse it off in the shower under running water. Many screens filter 99% of the pollen and dust from outside.

These were our 6 tips for hygiene and furniture in a nursery for allergy sufferers. As you can see, many things are very easy and quick to implement! We would be delighted if we could give you some inspiration. And we can show you ideas for play furniture with our adhesive foils that you can easily wipe and disinfect.

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