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IKEA Puppenhaus auf TROFAST Regal mit Kind

KonMarie in the children's room: tidying up according to Marie Kondo

IKEA Puppenhaus auf TROFAST Regal mit Kind

KonMari in the children's room: tidying up according to Marie Kondo

Mucking out, sorting and tidying just once and keeping the organisation forever - isn't that your dream too? Organisation structure, organisation vs. children's room and playroom - is it even possible to combine the one with the other? We say YES!

Organisation for children with Konmari

Bestselling author Marie Kondo convinces everyone of her tidying and organising method. Known as the KonMari principle, it promises to get a better grip on the flood of material things. Minimalism is the key word here!

This creates a lightning-fast and sustainable organisation in children's rooms (and adults' rooms too, of course). And with lots of fun and shared enjoyment to boot. Can't imagine it yet? We met Jasmine from Joyful Living - and are now totally in a tidying frenzy!

Jasmine Dünker Joyful Living

Jasmine Dünker was one of the first German KonMari Consultants to learn the tidying method from Marie Kondo herself in New York.

With Joyful Living, Jasmine is on the road as an interior design and tidying coach and helps to systematically and sustainably eliminate the chaos in your own home . She visited us at Limmaland and explained why tidying up with children is great. So much in advance: we are highly motivated and can't wait for Jasmine's next visit!

Tidying up with children is great!

Jasmine Dünker, KonMari Master Consultant

That's exactly what Jasmine said when we asked about KonMari in the nursery . Doesn't sound like your little ones at first? Jasmine explained to us that many children's rooms are totally crammed and most children and parents don't even know what's in there anymore. It is also well-intentioned when we, grandparents, aunts and friends bring our children more and more new toys. But we are not doing the children any favours.

An overloaded children's room makes for excessive demands. And children need space for creativity. But is it even possible for children to part with toys? Is it even possible to get children to declutter?

IKEA IVAR im Kinderzimmer

Mummy, we have to do KonMari!

Jasmine has already tidied up a lot with children. And every time, she learns anew that children are very good at letting go and sorting out toys that they don't like. After tidying up together, the little ones are also very happy. After clearing out and tidying up, the children's room is once again a place for creative freedom. And Jasmine's twins now regularly demand: "Mummy, we have to make KonMari !"

KonMari in the children's room: how it works

Would you also like to get rid of the chaos in your (children's) world? Using the KonMari method, you first clear out all the cupboards and place all the toys in a pile. That way, you can see the full extent of it. Quite a lot? Don't worry - now it's time to clear out! Together with your child, you can now ask yourselves the following questions:

  • What do we want to keep?
  • Which toys do we enjoy?
  • Which things have not been used for a long time or have never been used?

It is particularly important that you leave these decisions primarily to your child . Parents must also accept the decisions afterwards. Even if we often regret that our little ones don't like the beautiful doll's pram from Grandma and Grandpa or that the expensive wooden blocks are sitting unplayed in the corner. The KonMari principle says, that we feel better when we only have things around us that bring us joy. Sounds logical, doesn't it? Space creates room for new input. And space for creativity is incredibly important for personal development.

Letting go after KonMari: with gratitude and respect

Letting go of things we once loved is sometimes not so easy. According to KonMari, it helps if we thank each item in order to part with it respectfully. Do you think that's a bit daft? But Jasmine knows that it can help KonMari in the children's room. After all, this is the best way for children to say goodbye to toys. And where to put the stuff? It's too good to throw away!

Glücklich spielen mit dem IKEA Puppenhaus

Tidying out the children's room: pass it on instead of throwing it away

Clearing out doesn't mean that everything that isn't useful for your child has to end up in the bin. We all know that most things are in great condition - just no longer interesting enough for your child and far too good for the rubbish bin. But other children are happy about the things that have been sorted out. Maybe you will get some money for the toys and can think together with your child about what you would like to do with them. You can still pass on complete and well-preserved toys:

  • Classified ad portals on the internet: Here you can usually sell or give away your discarded toys quickly and easily. Interested parties can either visit you and collect the items or you can send them as a parcel.
  • Flea market: The flea market is great fun for the whole family. Children's toys in particular are very popular flea market items!
  • Acquaintances: There are often children in your immediate circle of family and friends who are happy to receive your discarded toys. The interests of children change, and what was still in high demand a few months ago is no longer interesting today. But perhaps the neighbour's child still loves to play with it.
  • Donate: You can donate your discarded toys to charitable institutions or aid organisations . Someone there is sure to be happy!

Getting rid of things promptly is part of KonMari in the nursery

Whether you want to give away, sell or donate the things you have sorted out from your children's room, it is important that you get rid of them as soon as possible . Because once the boxes have been sitting around for several weeks , they will eventually be unpacked again. And the same game starts all over again... Therefore: After you have done KonMari in the children's room, you should quickly think about where you can get rid of the discarded toys quickly and sensibly.

Trofast Sticker Waldtiere

Every item gets a home in the children's room

Now it's time to : organisation keep it that way! What's the best way to do this? Jasmine gave us the tip of defining a "new home" for each item together with the children. That way, everything has its place and can be moved there again and again. You should definitely decide together with your child how to sort the toys in the children's room . Jasmine is a mum of twins and has noticed very different organising systems with her two kids. We at Limmaland have order stickers ready to help you organise organisation in your children's room. Whether LEGO bricks, Playmobil dolls or toy cars - our symbols show even the smallest children, who can't yet read, what belongs where. We are big fans of the TROFAST shelf from IKEA. The individual boxes offer optimum storage space for toys - you can even store small items here in a clearly organised way.

KonMari in the nursery: advice from the expert

If you would like to find out more about Jasmine and perhaps meet her, why not take a look at Joyful Living? Jasmine also has a nice article on her blog: Kids love organisation .

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