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Stoedja hack Bauernhof

Crafting with the IKEA cutlery tray

Stoedja hack Bauernhof

IKEA STÖDJA hack: The best ideas with the cutlery tray

The simple cutlery tray from the kitchen easily finds its place in the big play world of the little ones. With this IKEA STÖDJA hack , children are guaranteed to let their creativity run wild!

Stoedja hack

Encourage creativity with the IKEA STÖDJA hack

Children are playing more and more with prefabricated toys that encourage less creativity in our children and more simple consumption. Nevertheless, every child has creative potential from birth. You've probably already noticed it : Your child wants to know what the cream tastes like or how great a sand shower in the sandpit would be? Because they are curious and want to discover the world. Help your children to experiment on their own by encouraging them to explore and creating the necessary environment and materials. Sarah @2little_lims had a great idea for this with the IKEA STÖDJA cutlery tray*! There's something for every creative mind with this IKEA hack!

Stoedja hack Baustelle

Create your own play world with the IKEA STÖDJA cutlery tray

Whether a farm, a building site or a jungle - the cutlery tray makes it super easy to turn any idea into a great play world with things that you already have at home.

What you need for this:

The separate compartments of the cutlery tray are perfect as small fields for the farm, as different building sites on the large building site or as a swamp and pond for the animals in the jungle. The children discover the variety of habitats and learn how to recreate and playfully realise them. To do this, the children can collect stones outside, pick grass or bring along some soil to fill the compartments of the cutlery box with real life. Dried pulses are also suitable for fun if you want the floor of the small building site to look more realistic.

Stoedja hack Sumpf

IKEA STÖDJA Hack: The big building site, the cute farm and the exotic jungle

For little builders, this IKEA STÖDJA hack is a dream! The children will put together their own building sites with real materials so that they can immerse themselves in the real world of the great craftsmen .

Small fields for cultivation, the barn and enough space for the animals: the compartments of the IKEA STÖDJA cutlery box* create a great farmyard experience. Children will love playing with the self-built farm!

A super creative idea for discovering the jungle - with a little mud, soil and water, the conventional cutlery tray from the kitchen becomes a jungle experience! A very successful IKEA STÖDJA hack!

Ikea hack kleine farm

Do these great IKEA STÖDJA hacks also inspire your creativity? @cornelia_zuffi made a little farm with her son Mats. Craft your own adventure world with the IKEA cutlery box together with your children!

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