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15 ingenious IKEA hacks for the DUKTIG play kitchen

For generations, play kitchen has been one of our favourite play worlds. No wonder, because our favourite little people want to imitate everything and stir the pots just like mum and dad. Find out here how you can make the IKEA DUKTIG even more exciting.
Kinderküche mit Folie bekleben

1. Colour for the IKEA DUKTIG

Colours make life more colourful - this also applies to children's kitchens! Kids aren't the only ones who love pretty colours. For many families, the play kitchen is not in the children's room, but in the living room or kitchen. And that's where the DUKTIG should fit in decoratively with the furnishings.
Tip: Instead of an elaborate paint & brush job, you can simply paint the DUKTIG laminate. An IKEA hack in just a few minutes with guaranteed success!

Rückwand an Kinderküche anbringen

2. Backsplash attach

The IKEA play kitchen does not normally have a splashback. However, we think it looks even better with a backsplash - and is also more practical. Most families have the DUKTIG against the wall. And as the short ones often swirl wildly in the kitchen, the wall is protected and the pots don't fall through to the back.
Tip: Have a simple chipboard panel measuring 32 x 67.5 cm cut to size at the DIY store for 2-3 euros. You can attach this to the play kitchen with a few nails.

Knöpfe für die Kinderküche aufkleben

3. Small details for even more fun

Press buttons, switch on the microwave or even unpack the dishwasher? You can add even more fun with the IKEA play kitchen with small details. And because we like to make things as easy as possible, we prefer to use our clever accessory set!

My daughter has wanted a play kitchen for a very long time (a really long time). Now her dream has finally come true, and only because with you it also fits my eye ;-) I would never have bought the naked DUKTIG. Thanks to Limmaland. So easy and so chic.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Franziska via

Griffe für die Kinderküche

4. Handles for the DUKTIG play kitchen

And while we're on the subject of details: You can replace the simple plastic handles on the IKEA DUKTIG with our customised handles made of wood or leather. The stylish alternatives make a huge visual difference - and the natural materials are pleasant to the touch for small children's hands.

Kinderküchenarbeitsplatte bekleben

5. Worktop in marble look

If you find the wooden worktop of the IKEA DUKTIG too boring, you can easily remedy the situation: With our custom-fit decal in a marble look. This turns the simple IKEA play kitchen into a modern eye-catcher!

ersatz kochfeld ikea duktig kinderkuche koekplatta elektro 05

6. Cooktop replacement stickers

And if the hob of your IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen is worn out, we have the perfect solution. With our high-quality stickers, you can give your hob a fresh look in no time at all.

You can choose between an electric hob and gas hob look.

Replace hob

Zubehör für die Kinderküche

7. DIY accessories for the IKEA play kitchen

The play kitchen lives from various accessories and food - all in miniature format, of course. We make it particularly easy for you again: with our sticker set, you can stick on small jars and packaging in no time at all, making for great fun.
Tip: Do you like crafting? Then take a look at our DIY ideas for play shop- and play kitchen accessories!

Menükarte für die Kinderküche

8. Menu card for the DUKTIG

And what is being cooked today? Your favourite dishes are presented on the menu card at play kitchen. Tip: A small blackboard can be used to offer daily changing menus.
Kinderküche mit Kühlschrank

9. Play fridge expands the play kitchen

When playing with the play kitchen, there are of course lots of accessories that need to be stowed away somewhere. The play fridge provides organisation and fun all in one. Naturally, it comes with an ultra-modern ice cube dispenser.

Licht in der Kinderküche

10. Let there be light!

As with the big ones, you can easily equip play kitchen and the fridge with light. You can get very simple lights that work with batteries from DIY stores or often even from one-euro shops. Self-adhesive stickers are usually included and you can stick the practical lights straight on.
Rückseite der Kinderküche bekleben

11. Play kitchen and play shop in one

Sometimes it's worth looking at things from a different perspective. That's why we've simply turned DUKTIG on its head - and transformed back side into a bistro! We cook in the front and serve in the back. Pretty clever!

Kassenband für die Kinderküche

12. Checkout conveyor as a supplement to the bistro

Wherever food is served, cash must of course also be collected. With the adhesive foils for checkout conveyor, little cashiers will get their money's worth!

Kühlschrank für die Kinderküche mit Meterware

13. Play kitchen cabinet matching the play kitchen

Did you know that you can also order many of our colourful motifs for play kitchen as yard goods? So you can be really creative and match existing pieces of furniture to play kitchen laminate.

Kühlschrank für die Kinderküche mit Meterware

14. Play kitchen for small rooms

DUKTIG used to be available from IKEA in a mini version. This is particularly suitable for children's rooms with sloping ceilings. Our tip: Have a look at classified ad portals. Maybe you can still get hold of an old model.

15. Wall decoration to match the play kitchen

We've shown you lots of ideas to brighten up your play kitchen. But maybe you just want to keep the kitchen simple and let the wall shine in bright colours? You'll find wonderful ideas to complement your play kitchen.