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Children's room with sloping ceiling

Children's room with a sloping roof

clever tips for sloping furnishings

Trofast regal in Dachschräge

The children's room is pretty quirky

Many families move under the roof when the next generation arrives. The children's room with sloping roof is also affectionately known as their "own kingdom" or "robber's den". It's so close to heaven and yet you find yourself saying "Where and how on earth should I put the furniture here?" Fortunately, IKEA specialises in small rooms and tight budgets. The big Swedish company has great ideas for small and quirky children's rooms.

There are rarely vertical surfaces under the roof that we need to place shelves and cupboards . Fortunately, there are tips and tricks to help you make the most of the available space under the attic and skilfully emphasise the special charm of the sloping walls.

Do without wardrobe systems and large wardrobes

Of course you could have an expensive wardrobe system made to measure for your children's room, but this is notoriously expensive. What's more, you often can't simply take such a system with you the next time you move house. That's why it's not a bad idea to furnish the children's room with "normal" furniture and make optimum use of the space. Instead of resorting to large, dark pieces of furniture, we recommend the light-coloured, practical and stylish furniture from Möbelschweden. These make the "sloping" children's room appear more open, friendlier and less cluttered . The staircase-like shelf from the Ikea TROFAST series* is perfect for sloping ceilings and offers storage space for toys.

Wardrobe in the sloping children's room

It is also a good idea to do without large wardrobes. This is actually quite easy, especially with small children, because fortunately small people also have small items of clothing. A simple, less high shelf will also do. You can quickly install a clothes rail in the TROFAST shelf and store the children's clothes here. Your child now has the opportunity to get a good overview of the wardrobe themselves, as the clothes are now at eye level. Just like Montessori!

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Children's room with pitched roof: Clever use of niches

The low ceiling height often creates niches in attic flats, which you should utilise, as all the toys need a place. To avoid wasting space, you can use the classic KALLAX 4-compartment shelf* . This lowboard is not expensive and will fit into the weirdest hut. A seating area for reading can be easily integrated into such areas. Place your favourite books on the lowboard and you can conjure up a retreat area for undisturbed picture book hours. You can find great ideas here. If the sloping surface still has a little room to grow, you can also use the upper surface as a playing surface.

Image: @schraeg_wohnen

You can't do without light in a children's room with a sloping roof

Due to the numerous sloping ceilings, there is often a lack of natural light in children's rooms. You should therefore remember to create sufficient artificial light in the form of direct and indirect light sources. For example, several lighting levels are a good idea. At least two, however, ensure that one light source provides sufficient light throughout the room. Create additional islands of light. It is best to divide the children's room into several areas and ensure that there is sufficient light in each area. In the cosy reading corner, at the cot and enough light in the play corner. This way, the room appears much larger.

Show your colours under the roof!

It's not just the choice of furniture that influences the spatial effect in the sloping children's room under the roof, but also the colour scheme. By using colours, you can make the room look even more child-friendly. In general, you should use bright colours for sloping ceilings to create a cheerful atmosphere. It is therefore best to paint the actual slope in white so that it recedes into the background. Bright colours should be used sparingly in flats with sloping ceilings. With the colourful accessories from Limmaland, you will find the happy medium between boring monotony and colourful chaos to bring movement into the room. It is best to limit yourself to one or two colours and think carefully beforehand about which areas of the room should be highlighted. The brighter your choice of colours, the more open and larger the room will appear. If you attach great importance to cosiness and warmth, the sparingly used colours can also be a little darker.

Summary: Less is more!

  • Use flat and low pieces of furniture to make the room appear larger and more airy.
  • The ideal place for furniture that saves storage space is directly under the sloping roof.
  • The cot, on the other hand, can be placed in the centre of the room.

Your little "Karlson from the roof" is sure to feel right at home!

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