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Jahreskreis DIY

Crafting the annual cycle

Crafting the annual circle for children

With free download for printing

Jahreskreis DIY

January, February, March, April - the annual clock never stands still! And when is spring, summer, autumn or winter? Our favourite little people have to learn all this first. But we also have a lightning-fast IKEA hack from Limmaland for the annual cycle. With a free printable craft template, of course. So you can playfully learn the months and seasons with your children. Let's go!

Learning the seasons and months with children

The earth orbits the sun once a year. That's why there are different seasons. And you can illustrate these to your children in a playful way with the annual cycle. Our craft idea is also ideal for kindergarten or primary school.

Jahreskreis DIY

What you need to make the annual circle

  • an IKEA HEAT* cork coaster
  • the free crafting template from Limmaland
  • a pair of scissors
  • a pin

The cork trivet provides the perfect basis for many IKEA hacks for playful learning. So the next time you're at IKEA, pack yourself a pack of three.

Jahreskreis DIY

Step 1: Print and cut out the year circle

Firstly, download the craft template for the annual circle. You can get the template for free via the form. Then print it out on slightly thicker paper and cut out the year circle. Make sure you don't forget the little pointer!

Jahreskreis DIY

Step 2: Attach the year circle and pointer

Then grab the trivet from IKEA and place the craft template and the pointer on it. Use your pin to attach the pieces to the cork coaster. And you're ready to get started and learn the months and seasons with your children!

That's how quickly you can make a great educational game! You can find even more ideas for lightning-fast IKEA hacks at and in Limmaland. For example, what do you think of anXXL board gameor a self-made mud kitchen?

Bring the weather into your child's room

Bring the weather into your child's room with our wall stickers. The colourful suns, rainbows and clouds can be stuck on in a flash and will enchant any child's kingdom.

Even more craft ideas for playful learning

If you like the circle of the year, you can find even more craft templates to print out here. Why not take a look at Pinterest too! We've put together lots of boards on different topics for you there.

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