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kinderkamera basteln mit vorlage

Kids camera craft

Children's camera craft

Creative craft idea for children - with free template.
kinderkamera basteln mit vorlage
Summer, sun, holiday time - it's that time again: summer holidays! The long-awaited and well-deserved family holiday is getting closer and closer. Or maybe you'll stay at home and make yourselves comfortable in your local outdoor pool? Either way, we still love looking at summer pictures in winter. And that's why we have a suitable craft project for you today: We want to make a camera with you. With a free craft template to print out. Let's get started!

Make a camera and play photographer

We live in the age of mobile phones and probably take more photos than ever before. But what was it like in the past? How does it feel to hold a developed picture in your hands? Back then, the instant camera was an absolute highlight. We all have fond memories of that, don't we? And today, the instant camera is experiencing its second spring at special occasions such as weddings and the like. Making an instant camera - would you like that? No problem!

Step-by-step guide to the children's camera

What you need:

  • the free craft template in 2 colours (download using the form below)
  • sturdy paper (at least 200 grams), preferably in DINA3 format
  • scissors or a cutter knife
  • some craft glue

bastelmaterial kinderkamera

Print out children's camera craft template

Firstly, select the desired craft template in yellow or blue and download it. You should use paper weighing at least 200 grams for printing. You will get the best result in DIN A3 format. Otherwise the camera will be quite small.

Now grab a pair of scissors or a cutter knife and cut out the paper camera. Important: Don't forget to cut out the black slit for the photos - BEFORE you glue the parts together. Then crease the camera at the marked points. And then just glue it together - DONE! It's so easy to make a camera for or together with the Minis.

kinderkamera basteln mit vorlage

Polaroid photos to colour in

Of course, photos also have to be taken with a real camera. The cool Polaroid photos for colouring in are also included in the download package. Your mini can either colour in the pictures by hand or cut out great motifs from magazines and stick them on. This creates great "own" photos.
polaroid fotos zum ausmalen fuer kinderkamera
We hope you have lots of fun with the children's camera!
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