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Steckdino aus Versandkarton basteln

Making plug-in animals from cardboard

Steckdino aus Versandkarton basteln

Making plug-in animals from cardboard

We at Limmaland are big fans of upcycling projects. And we don't just find creative ideas for IKEA hacks in the children's room interesting: today it's all about cardboard boxes. Because they can be used to create entire worlds that make great decorations and toys.
The best thing is that we have prepared the templates for you to download for free. So - grab the box and let's go!

What you need for crafting

  • Cardboard - e.g. a used shipping box
  • Template for plug-in animals
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or similar
  • Cutter knife and base
  • Thick pens or paint and brushes for colouring
Bastelvorlage für Stecktiere
Schablonde für Steckdino ausschneiden

1. Download craft template & cut out

You can download the templates for the different cut-out worlds free of charge. Then print out the desired templates and cut them out with scissors.

Steckdino Schablone aufzeichnen

2. Draw the pegged parts

Grab the pencil and use the cut-out templates to draw the individual parts for your pegboard world on the cardboard box or piece of cardboard.
Please note: Some parts will be needed more than once. We have noted the exact number on the template for you.

Steckdino Teile ausschneiden

3. Cut out the cardboard animals

You can now cut out the pre-drawn individual parts from the cardboard. The best way to do this is with a cutter knife, as cutting with scissors can be quite strenuous depending on the thickness of the cardboard.
Important: Don't forget a cut-resistant base!
Steckdino aus Versandkarton bemalen

4. Painting the cardboard parts

We painted the individual parts to make the world of the plug-in even more attractive afterwards. We opted for white accents on the brown cardboard. However, you can give free rein to your creativity - maybe you'll make it colourful?
Steckdino aus Versandkarton

5. Assemble the individual parts

Once the paint has dried, you can simply slot your pieces together. And now it's time to play and have fun! We hope you have lots of fun upcycling your shipping boxes.
Steckwelt aus Versandkarton
Steckwelt aus Versandkarton
Stecktiere auf dem Spieltisch

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