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Glücklich spielen mit dem IKEA Puppenhaus mit Mama

Good resolutions in the children's room

Glücklich spielen mit dem IKEA Puppenhaus mit Mama

Good resolutions in the nursery: 3 ideas for the new year

Many of us start the new year with good resolutions: More exercise, more vegetables and less looking at our smartphones. That all sounds wonderful - but will you be able to implement them? We have three ideas to help you with your New Year's resolutions at the start of the year.
IKEA Puppenhaus auf TROFAST Regal mit Kind

1. Clearing out the children's room

Especially at Christmas time, a lot of new things have piled up in the children's room. Toys, books and clothes urgently need to undergo a critical inventory:
  1. What do we want to keep? What do we like to play with?
  2. Which toys or children's books have we "outgrown"? Which clothes have simply become too small?
  3. Which things remain unused because they are simply not interesting for your child?
We spoke to tidying expert Jasmine Dünker and put together the best tips for tidying up with children for you.

Every item gets a home

As soon as you have got rid of all unused, unloved or simply outdated items, everything that can stay will be given a permanent place. This way, you can finally achieve a sustainable organisation in the children's room.
Our tip: The IKEA TROFAST shelving system is a real storage space miracle in the children's room thanks to its boxes. It becomes even more perfect with organiser stickers with symbols - so even the little ones know which toy belongs in which box.

IKEA Hack für Tonies mit Metallleiste

Tip: A place of honour for favourites

Of course, little treasures don't have to disappear in a box - our favourite things are skilfully staged. Like our favourite Tonie figures, for example, which can of course be given a special place in the children's room. One of the easiest and most popular IKEA hacks for Tonies is to place the little friends on picture ledge. With the matching wall tattoo, the DIY Tonie shelf becomes an absolute eye-catcher!

2. Redesigning your child's room for the new year

New year - new nursery? The Christmas decorations are out and we're ready for a breath of fresh air in our home. Of course, there can't and shouldn't be a complete makeover every year. For heaven's sake! But a few small touches are welcome to create a new feeling. This could be a new pillowcase that makes the couch shine in fresh splendour. Or a splash of colour in the children's room. Fancy a little inspiration from Limmaland?

Montessori im Kinderzimmer

Wall decoration creates a new feeling

A small splash of colour can have a big impact! And so that you don't have to struggle with paints, brushes and masking tape for your New Year's decoration project, we make it very easy for you: wall tattoos in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours will transform your child's room without much effort!

Children's room wall design

Ikea Hemnes Hack

Turn old into new

Do you perhaps have used furniture in your child's room that you no longer like and would like to replace with something new? We have a better idea: why not try an upcycling project? With a little preparation, you can easily paint IKEA furniture. Our tip: It's even easier with furniture foil - just cut it to size and stick it on.

Find your DIY project!

Have you got the urge to revamp an existing piece of furniture? Why not browse through our ideas - you might just find the right inspiration for you.

3. More family time in the new year

The Christmas madness is over, we've left the old year behind us and are starting a new one motivated and relaxed. And this time, we've made a firm resolution: To finally reduce screen time and spend more quality time with our loved ones.
IKEA Spieltisch Oma und Opa
Kind und Opa spielen am IKEA FLISAT Multifunktionstisch

Board games with the family

It's especially nice when everyone sits at the table together and concentrates on the game in a completely analogue way - preferably with grandma and grandpa, of course.

Kura Hochbett mit Gardine und Lesehöhle

Reading aloud and cuddling as an evening ritual

Reading books together has long been part of the evening ritual for many families. A cosy way to wind down from the many impressions of the day and immerse yourself in imaginative stories. Especially cosy: simply close your eyes while reading aloud and fall asleep.

Craft ideas for family time

Homemade is the best! With a little creativity, you can make your own games, decorations and much more. And you can spend some relaxing time together. Just browse through our numerous craft ideas.

  • Make your own cinema tickets and popcorn bags - with free download
    Make your own cinema tickets and popcorn bags - with free download
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    IKEA DIY: Making card holders for children
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    Make your own shop accessories
    Ideas and free templates for homemade shop accessories
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  • Kids camera craft
    Kids camera craft
    Children's camera and Polaroid photo making with children. With free crafting template.
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  • Crafting the annual cycle
    Crafting the annual cycle
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