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Kaufladenzubehör DIY

Make your own shop accessories

DIY shop accessories

Ideas and free templates for DIY accessories at play shop
Kaufladenzubehör DIY

Prefabricated plastic toys are a thing of the past - accessories for the play shop and for the play kitchen are so easy to make yourself. We show you the best ideas.

Feltfruit & vegetable upcycling box set

Kaufladen Kassenband

Role-playing games for children - DIY shop accessories

children love role-playing games! I'm sure you've noticed in everyday life how the little ones like to help out around the house. Whether it's hanging out the washing, cooking or hoovering - they just have so much fun imitating. That's why we as parents keep turning to children's kitchens and shops, because we can't keep them satisfied with small tasks. This is how children develop role-playing games in their little adult world and imitate their environment. So that you don't always have to resort to ready-made toys, we have created templates for shop accessories and collected the best craft ideas for you.

Templates for the shop accessories free to download

Inspired by the shopping trip with mum or dad to their favourite supermarket, we have designed product dividers for the checkout, a "checkout open/closed" sign and a bonus card for the right shoppers. This is a fun way for children to process experiences and put themselves in different roles. As parents, it is important to create the environment for role play by providing the right accessories - leave the rest to the little ones. Simply fill out the form and you will receive the free craft templates to print out.

Kaufladenzubehör DIY Kassenset
Kaufladenzubehör DIY Kassenset
Kaufladenzubehör DIY

Space-saving DIY play shop LILLE BUD

Of course, the new DIY shop accessories still need the right play shop. You can easily stick our LILLE BUD to the wall to save space. Simply add a small table and you have a creative play shop. Best of all, you can choose from various trendy colours and personalise the LILLE BUD with your child's name.

Make your own shop accessories: from felt

Felt can be sewn, laminate, printed and decorated. That's why we think it's so great: making your own shop accessories. Be inspired by our selection of pizza, sushi, strawberries and more for play shop and play kitchen.

Ideas for felt shop accessories

  1. Conjure up an Italian atmosphere in the children's room with a delicious homemade pizza. To do this, cut out triangles from felt, fill the "pizza base" with cotton wool and sew it shut. Finally, cover it with red felt for the tomato sauce and then it's time to get creative! Draw on your favourite ingredients, cut them out and top the pizza. An old but still clean pizza box makes the dolce vita feeling perfect.
  2. Bratwurst sausages are the perfect choice for barbecue and summer lovers. Download the template, place it on 2-coloured felt and cut it out. Then cut 3 incisions in the dark felt for the grill effect and stick the light-coloured felt behind it. Now sew together and fill with wadding like the pizza. The bratwurst is ready for the play barbecue.
  3. Want something a little more extravagant? No problem with our felt sushi. Simply cut different coloured felt into small rectangles and roll them up. It's best to stick them together so that the rolls hold together better. Then simply fill a green felt rectangle with the rolls and your sushi is ready!
Kaufladenzubehör DIY  Pizza
Kaufladenzubehör DIY Würstchen
Kaufladenzubehör DIY  Sushi

Our tip to save time

Tip from us: Simply keep some old packaging and stick our LÄCKER sticker set on it. You'll have creative accessories for the play shop or play kitchen in no time at all.

Craft ideas for the sticker set

You can make particularly creative shop accessories yourself with a combination of felt craft ideas and the sticker set for packaging. For example, you can quickly and easily make pasta out of yellow felt or sausage and cheese for the salt dough rolls.
Zubehör für die Kinderküche
stickerset zubehoer ikea kaufladen kassa toffee 7
Kaufladenspiel mit Kassenband

Fruit & vegetables for play shop and play kitchen

If you like it healthier, you'll be happy in our fruit and vegetable department. Here you can really let off steam, make all kinds of shop accessories yourself and create the whole seasonal calendar out of felt. Whether strawberries, lemons or even a cauliflower. There are no limits to your imagination.
Kaufladenzubehör DIY  Blumenkohl
Kaufladenzubehör DIY  Obst und Gemüse
Kaufladenzubehör DIY  Zitrone
Kaufladenzubehör DIY  Blaubeeren

DIY shop accessories - upcycling ideas

It doesn't always have to be new. You can make wonderful shop accessories yourself from things you already have at home. Our favourite idea: potatoes made from tights. The crafting instructions are super easy and quick.

  • First, cut the tights into pieces about 10 cm long. Now fill the tights with the cotton wool. Take as much as the size of a potato.
  • Fluff up the cotton wool a little to create the shape of a potato.
  • Now all you have to do is close the ends with a needle and thread.
  • To embellish the whole thing, you can wrap the potatoes you have made in an old potato sack or a nice shopping bag. You can find the right label for this in our sticker set.

Kaufladenzubehör DIY  Kartoffeln
Kaufladenzubehör DIY  Kartoffeln
Kaufladenzubehör DIY  Kartoffeln

2-in-1 play shop and play kitchen

Did you know that you can also use the IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen from the back? With our matching decal, the play kitchen becomes a shop at the same time! Ingenious, isn't it?
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