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Furniture foil yard goods

Be creative and make your IKEA hacks even more individual. Create and experience your home the way you like it!



From €17.95
Furniture foil as yard goods


From €17.95
Furniture foil as yard goods


From €17.95
Furniture foil as yard goods


From €17.95
Furniture foil as yard goods


From €17.95
Furniture foil as yard goods


From €17.95
Furniture foil as yard goods


From €17.95
Furniture foil as yard goods

Inspiration from Limmaland and the community

Ikea Hemnes Hack

Stylish makeover for your IKEA chest of drawers

Cleverly upgrade your HEMNES chest of drawers with yard goods. And it's that simple:

  1. Measure the drawer front,
  2. Decal cut to size,
  3. ... and laminate.

Done! The result is really impressive! The yard goods can do much more than just enhance a child's room. Instead of an animal motif, the HEMNES in a minimalist designcan also be a real eye-catcher in the living room or other rooms. If you don't like the handles from IKEA, you can also upgrade the chest of drawers with the cute furniture handles from Limmaland.

Ikea Kallax Aufbewahrungs Hack für Ikea Regal

Bring more colour into your home

Almost every household has a KALLAX shelf, right? Why wouldn't you? The KALLAX is a practical shelf that helps to keep organisation organised everywhere. However, you can quickly get tired of the shelf, which is why it is also ideal for a makeover.

Ikea Bissa Schuhschrank Hack

IKEA hack for a tidy hallway

Wow, that looks great! This idea comes from our creative community!

The inconspicuous IKEA shoe cabinet BISSA has never looked better thanks to these two IKEA hacks coming together. As a family, the small shoe cupboard is definitely not enough and having shoes scattered all over the place is no solution either. One creative way to solve the space problem is to make a larger shoe cabinet from several BISSA shoe cabinets and a custom-fit wooden board (from the DIY store, for example). We recommend fastening the individual parts together so that everything remains stable and there is no risk of injury. To pimp up the look, you can then give the cabinet a personalised look using yard goods.

Image source: Tina M.

Klebefolie für den IKEA Lernturm

IKEA learning tower for little helpers

Does your little one like to help you in the kitchen? Then the IKEA learning tower is just the thing for you! In just a few simple steps, you can turn the BEKVÄM step stool and the ODDVAR stool from IKEA into a learning tower. Although the learning tower is super practical, it won't win any beauty contests due to its appearance. To pimp up the learning tower, you can do what our community did with yard goods. Here, too, there are no limits to your imagination!

Image source: Nadine G.

IKEA furniture foil - realise your own ideas

Be creative and pimp beyond LACK, KALLAX and co Or make your own IKEA hacks even more individual. You can also use Limmaland yard goods to customise other pieces of furniture. Let your creativity run wild and make your own DIY projects! Whether it's an IKEA hack or a decorative idea: at Limmaland you can also get the popular design decal as yard goods. No matter what you want to embellish: With decal by the metre, you can let off steam creatively and design your home in your own style.

Do you have exciting ideas with furniture foil for your home?

Then order the high-quality furniture film in the trendy Limmaland design now and give your furniture a very personalised look. The self-adhesive film is available in different sizes - so you can realise your own DIY projects. Become an IKEA hacker now and bring creativity into your children's room, kitchen and the rest of your home!

The most frequently asked questions about furniture film yard goods

What makes the design film from Limmaland so special?

At Limmaland, we place the highest value on top quality. That's why our adhesive films are extremely robust and can be used in a variety of ways. The scratch- and tear-resistant film is particularly suitable for smooth IKEA furniture. You can even wipe the furniture film with a damp cloth to ensure hygienic cleaning of your IKEA furniture. Our IKEA decal is characterised by the following features:
  • odourless and without dangerous plasticisers
  • easy to stick without bubbles thanks to high-quality materials
  • CE-certified for use in children's rooms
  • scratch-resistant and washable furniture film
  • ecological ink without solvents
  • removable

What are the advantages of IKEA furniture film?

The best thing about our self-adhesive furniture film is that you can upgrade your IKEA furniture quickly and easily. This allows you to customise used or boring furniture to match your home. By upgrading your furniture, you give it a longer life and can always furnish your home in the latest trend colours. Our tip: Have a look on classified ad portals for used IKEA furniture! This is not only easy on your wallet, but also on the environment. Our various foil designs give your IKEA furniture personality and add that certain something to your home. Friendly colours create a positive atmosphere, especially in the children's room - because colours not only look good, they also encourage creative play. Now you can express yourself artistically and realise your imaginative ideas. And with the furniture film for IKEA furniture, it's easy. Simply choose your desired design, cut the decal to the right size and stick it on your furniture. Your DIY project is finished!

How can I upgrade my IKEA furniture with decal?

  1. Choose your favourite design of our furniture film
  2. Choose the right film size for your project
  3. Simply cut the IKEA furniture film to size - the best way to do this is with a cutter knife or scissors
  4. Cover your piece of furniture with the design film
Your children will be thrilled and love the stylish colour accents. With the furniture film for IKEA from Limmaland, you can give your furniture a personalised look without having to resort to paint and brushes. The self-adhesive furniture foils for IKEA & Co. can be applied in no time at all. And the Limmaland decorative film for cutting to size is of high quality and does not contain any dangerous plasticisers. Even the wildest games are no problem: the furniture and wall decal is extremely robust and can withstand particularly lively moments. And if you want to change your design again at some point, you can easily remove our adhesive films. This means you can redesign your furniture again and again without reducing its resale value.

What ideas is IKEA furniture film suitable for?

The self-adhesive film is perfect for sprucing up lots of Ikea furniture. If you still need inspiration: We have listed the best ideas for you with our decal yard goods
  • IKEA kitchen fronts laminate
  • Embellish an IKEA desk top
  • Spice up kitchen tiles with decal
  • Furniture foil for IKEA cupboard doors