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IKEA Hacks with the LACK table 

Almost everyone has one of the popular tables from the IKEA LACK series at home. But the simple furniture is not really eye-catching. We show you how to transform the LACK tables into creative individual pieces for your children's room. 
IKEA Spieltisch Oma und Opa
IKEA Spieltisch mit Oma und Opa

Make XXL board games yourself 

Just choose your favourite classic and the fun can begin. With the board games, the IKEA LACK table in the children's and teenagers' room gets a new function for playing when toddlerhood is over and the street play table, play area and co. have had their day. Another advantage is that these board games no longer simply disappear into the cupboard and are forgotten, because they are now very present in the children's room and thus encourage them to play. That alone speaks in favour of making these games yourself and finally sticking them on the table! And the best thing is that you get the game pieces directly with it.

Kindertisch Auto und Straße

IKEA LACK table as a children's table for playing  

The simple, inexpensive tables in the LACK series are the perfect basis for creative hacks. For example, you can easily convert them into a children's table. To do this, all you need is our decal which are cut to fit the tables exactly. You can choose from many different play motifs. How about a farm for little animal lovers. Or would you prefer a street table for little racing drivers? Your little ones can stand comfortably at the low tables instead of crawling around on the floor. The low height of the IKEA LACK tables makes them ideal as play table in the children's room. 

Select play table foil


From €25.95
Decal for IKEA LACK tables


From €25.95
Decal for IKEA LACK tables


From €25.95
Decal for IKEA LACK tables


From €25.95
Decal for IKEA LACK tables


From €25.95
Decal for IKEA LACK tables
LACK Tisch mit Stauraum

LACK play table with storage space

Jules used the jigsaw to cut a recess for the  IKEATROFAST box in the LACK side table. A great way to store game pieces & Co. You can find the detailed instructions on the blog Jules kleine Freuden. | Photo source:  jules-kleine-freuden .de

Matching the play table: The FLISAT stools

The cute stools from the FLISAT series by IKEA are the perfect complement to the LACK play table. You can also embellish and personalise them with decal. Choose your favourite motif now!

Stickerset Zubehör Ikea Kaufladen Kassa schwarz Komplettansicht

Do-it-yourself counters for the play shop 

For the  play shop or the  play kitchen the IKEA LACK TV bench is ideal as an addition. With the Limmaland play shop foil, the small LACK table becomes a sales counter. Just like the grown-ups, you can stick a checkout conveyor and a scanner on the table and the play shop experience is just like Mum and Dad's in the real supermarket.

To the checkout conveyor

Colour for the LACK table: gluing instead of painting

Paint makes a big difference. Instead of painstakingly painting the tables, it is much easier to apply to the LACK table. The advantage over paint is also that you can remove the foils in no time at all. We offer many different colours and motifs as yard goods, which you can cut to size.

To yard goods

Tables from the IKEA LACK series 

One of the best-known series from the Swede is probably the IKEA LACK series. The simple pieces of furniture impress with their feather-light weight and the unbeatable low price. On the one hand, the simple design is rather boring. On the other hand, the tables and shelves of the LACK series are the perfect basis for creative hacks. 

The IKEA LACK Side Table 

The IKEA LACK side table is probably one of the most bought pieces of furniture of the LACK series. No wonder - because at just 6 euros, the LACK table is unbeatably cheap. But because of this, the small table is often seen as a disposable product with a short lifespan. What a pity! Because creative IKEA LACK hacks that upgrade the piece of furniture are a dime a dozen.
Info about the IKEA LACK side table:
  • Dimensions: 55 cm x 55 cm
  • Height: 45 cm
  • Max. Load: 25 kg

The IKEA LACK coffee table 

The LACK coffee table is just as wide as the side table, but longer. There is a second level under the table surface as a practical shelf for magazines etc., which leaves more space on the table. The LACK is therefore ideal as a TV table.
LACK coffee table Dimensions:
  • Length: 90 cm
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Height: 45 cm

Creative ideas for your IKEA LACK tables 

The IKEA LACK tables are the ideal basis for creative ideas. You can often find used tables for sale for just a few euros and they are even regularly given away as gifts. Maybe you already have an IKEA LACK table at home. Instead of throwing it on the rubbish, you can embellish it and start a great upcycling project.

IKEA LACK on wheels 

The IKEA LACK tables are also ideal for putting on castors. Due to their very low weight, the pieces of furniture are wonderfully easy to roll and can thus be used mobile in different rooms.