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IKEA Tonies 💚 The 8 best ideas for storage

IKEA Tonies: The best accessory ideas

Do you have a Toniebox at home? We at Limmaland are big fans of the practical sound system for children. The cute figures store your kids' favourite music and the most exciting audio plays. The Toniebox is very easy to use and your little ones will have lots of fun with it. It doesn't always have to be complicated to make - great accessories for the Tonies are created without much effort. We have put together the best IKEA Tonies ideas for you.

Magical Tonies storage with the IKEA picture ledge

IKEA Hack für Tonies mit Metallleiste
Tonies Regal IKEA

The magnet makes it possible: Tonies on the IKEA picture ledge

You may already have everything you need for this hack at home. The little figures for the Toniebox are magnetic - and we're taking advantage of that! You can use pretty much anything made of metal as the perfect storage
The MALMBÄCK picture ledge made of steel is ideal for this, because the magnet allows the Tonies to be attached to the picture ledge from all sides. This solution is not only practical but also looks magical. With our sticker sets, which are customised to fit the picture ledge perfectly, this Tonies storage can even be used as stylish wall decoration.

Discover all sticker sets for the Tonies picture ledge

Customisable storage for your Tonies

Haus für die Tonies

SAMLAHUS with children's names for your Toniebox figures

You can turn the IKEA LUSTIGT wall shelf and our new wall decal SAMLAHUS into a decorative collection house for your Tonies and many other play figures in no time at all. Simply choose your favourite colour, personalise it with your child's name and attach it to the wall together with the IKEA LUSTIGT shelf. There's plenty of space for your favourite Tonies and they'll be an eye-catcher in any child's room.

Please note that not all Tonies will fit between the shelves, as some Tonies are larger than the shelf spacing.


IKEA HÄSTBÖNA as a Tonie shelf

Perfect storage with the planter

At Limmaland, we love using things in a completely different way. That's why we're absolutely delighted with the IKEA hack with the HÄSTBÖNA planter! The semi-circular plant pot is made of metal - perfect for our magnetic Tonies. When placed on its side, HÄSTBÖNA reminds us of a rainbow, on which the Tonie collection finds the perfect place in the children's room.

Has the cachepot already moved in with you as a Tonie- storage? Then send us your photo!

HÄSTBÖNA als Tonie Aufbewahrung
HÄSTBÖNA als Tonie-Aufbewahrung

Tip: Protect your Toniebox from scratches!

Not only the storage, but also the box itself can be personalised. That's why we offer practical, high-quality protective film for the Toniebox in your favourite design. And best of all: the charging station is also an eye-catcher!
Ikea Tonies Haus

IKEA dollhouse as a home for Tonies

We love the simple IKEA FLISAT* dollhouse - and with the matching wallpaper from Limmaland, it becomes the perfect home for the Tonies. The colourful friends are not only great music players, but can also be used optimally as play figures in dollhouse.

Tonies as play figures on the IKEA play table

You can use the Tonies not only in dollhouse, but also on the playing field! Whether as little men in a board game like @hashtag_my_boys_and_me or as players on the street table. The Tonies are always great in combination with IKEA play furniture.

Discover more creative IKEA Tonies ideas

Ikea Variera Tonies

Tonies on the pedestal

We are absolutely thrilled with this creative DIY idea from @hassina.maschw: a Tonies pedestal made from the VARIERA shelf inserts from IKEA*. The inserts are made of steel and are therefore the perfect place for the magnetic Tonies!
Ikea Tonies

Tonies on a silver platter

Well, maybe not quite ... This "tray" is actually the lid of the KNODD bin* from our favourite Swede. Oskar from Sesame Street would definitely like this IKEA hack from @glanz_u_gloria.
Ikea Tonies Regal

Tonies in an IKEA picture frame

We also think this idea from @sterny1902 is really great. The simple RIBBA picture frame* from IKEA can easily be turned into a home for the colourful Tonies.
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