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Weihnachtsmarktstand gestalten

Christmas market in the children's room

Weihnachtsmarkt im Kinderzimmer

Christmas market in the nursery

At this magical time of year, when it's cold outside and the smell of mulled wine and roasted almonds is in the air, we enjoy the special atmosphere of the Christmas markets. But why not conjure up this magic in the children's room?

With a little creativity and a few simple steps, you can transform the IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen* into a magical Christmas market stall for your kids. In this article, we'll show you how easy it is!
Weihnachtsmarktstand gestalten

From IKEA play kitchen to the Christmas market stall

The IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen has long been a favourite toy for children all over the world.

It offers endless possibilities for creative role play. This toy not only encourages social interaction and communication, but also allows children to develop their imagination and skills.

An unforgettable Christmas season

In the run-up to Christmas, the excitement for Christmas increases immeasurably, especially for the little ones. The idea of creating a Christmas market stall from the popular play kitchen combines the joy of playing and the anticipation of the festive season. It allows children to experience the magic of the Christmas market in their own nursery and immerse themselves in this magical world through play.

A wonderful way to make the Christmas season even more memorable and stimulate children's imaginations.

What you need to design the Christmas market stand

Tafelfolie für Weihnachtsmarktstand
Tafelfolie für Weihnachtsmarktstand abziehen

Step 1: Peel off the film

First clean the back side of the IKEA play kitchen thoroughly to ensure that the KREIDIG board films adhere well. Use a mild cleaner for this. Once the surface has been cleaned, dry it carefully.

Now slowly peel the film off the protective film at a shallow angle.

Step 2: Stick on the board film

Now stick the two board foils onto the back side of the play kitchen one after the other.

Always start attaching the board films at the top left edge of the respective rear element. Carefully position the board film to ensure that it is applied straight and flush.

Then smooth over the film with the flat of your hand to remove any air bubbles and achieve a smooth surface.

Tafelfolie aufkleben
Tafelfolie für Weihnachtsmarktstand beschriften

Step 3: Labelling the board film

As soon as the foil is securely attached, you can start decorating and labelling the Christmas market stand. Use the chalk and draw various Christmas motifs on the bottom blackboard foil.

Also write "Christmas market stall" or another suitable name on the upper board film. Let your creativity run wild here!

Suitable Christmas motifs

Do you lack ideas for suitable Christmas motifs or do you find it difficult to draw them? No problem!
Here you'll find a few examples and step-by-step instructions for drawing a Christmas pretzel.
Weihnachtsmarktstand Motiv Brezel
Weihnachtsmarktstand Weihnachtsmotive

Decorate the Christmas market stall

If desired, decorate the Christmas market stall with fairy lights, homemade Christmas decorations or other Christmas elements to make it even more Christmassy and inviting.

Weihnachtsmarkt im Kinderzimmer

Creative ideas for the run-up to Christmas

Here you will find Christmas craft ideas for you and your favourite little people.

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