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Geschenkanhänger für Weihnachtsgeschenke

Make Christmas DIY gift tags - with free crafting template

Geschenkanhänger Weihnachten

Make Christmas DIY gift tags - with a free crafting template

Would you like to give home-baked biscuits to your loved ones or enhance the look of your Christmas presents?

No problem! In this blog article, we'll show you how you can make Christmas DIY gift tags for all your presents in no time at all. Your presents will be admired even before they are unwrapped - guaranteed!

Geschenkanhänger für Weihnachtsgeschenke

Making gift tags for Christmas

A lot of thought, effort, time and love often goes into choosing Christmas presents. Wouldn't it be fantastic if the wrapping reflected this effort?

Homemade gift tags are a wonderful way to make presents extra stylish and personalised. With our free crafting template, you can easily create DIY gift tags and add the finishing touches to your Christmas presents.

So get the materials you need to make the gift tags ready and let the Christmas craft room open!

What you need to create the DIY gift tags

  • Our free handicraft template "DIY gift tag"
  • Scissors
  • Pens
  • Thin thread or cord
Geschenkanhänger zum Ausdrucken

Crafting instructions

Step 1: Download the print template and print out the gift tag

Download the craft template and print it out in colour. The template contains various designs in different shapes.

Then cut out the pre-drawn gift tags along the outline.

Download the "DIY gift tag" template free of charge

Simply enter your details in the form. You will then receive the DIY gift tag template to print out free of charge and you can start crafting.

Step 2: Labelling and decorating gift tags

There is space on the Christmas gift tags for a small message or the name of the person you want to give the gift to.
Write and decorate the tags with colourful pens and add glitter or stickers. Let your creativity run wild and design the tags to suit your personal taste.

Step 3: Attach the gift tag to the gift

Thread a string or cord through the hole marked at the top of the gift tag and tie it into a bow. The ribbon will later be used to attach the tag to the gift.

Voilà! Your beautiful Christmas gift tags are ready and can now be attached to the gifts.

We wish you a happy crafting season and an even happier festive season.

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