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How easy it is to apply the film

Kinderkueche Griffe befestigen

Please note

Please note: There are two designs of the DUKTIG play kitchen. The upper panel above the doors is different for the two designs. For this reason, there are two adhesive strips on the sticker sheet. Please use the adhesive strip that matches your kitchen.

Frontli Kinderküche Klebefolie nordisch blau

Stick on the film

Remove the handles if you have already fitted them. Now stick the 4 shorter strips around the recess in the oven. You can tape over the holes in the handles for now. Now stick on the door and the long moulding.

Anbringen Frontli Klebefolie nordisch blau

Holes for the handles

To be able to fit the handles, you now need to use a pointed object, such as a screwdriver, to cut out the holes through the film again. Now you can refit the handles and the front sticker is finished.

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 Decal for IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen

Decal for IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen


 Wooden handles for IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen

Wooden handles for IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen


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