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Kinderzimmerbeleuchtung  Ikea Hack

Children's room lighting - The simplest DIY IKEA hacks

Kinderzimmerbeleuchtung  Ikea Hack

Children's room lighting - The simplest DIY IKEA hacks

Is the dull ceiling lamp enough as children's room lighting or should you finally get a colourful chandelier? Too expensive, too big, too bright or just too... boring. Homemade is best for the children's room! That's why we've put together the most creative DIY hacks for you craft enthusiasts and explained step by step how you can easily recreate them at home in your child's room .

The right place for children's room lighting

Do you actually know how many lights you have placed in the children's room? 2, 3? Maybe just one? As soon as they are not in the right place and don't have the right brightness, the number can be completely irrelevant (at least we think so). After all, children need a completely different light source with different light intensity in the nursery for crafting and playing than for falling asleep peacefully. That's why we say: don't put the snooze light on the craft table, but rather on the bedside table!

Here is a brief overview of the right light in the right place:

  • Basic lighting - Large lamp that illuminates the entire children's room evenly
  • Work & handicrafts - spot , intensive lighting as a supplement
  • Falling asleep - Dimmable , soft lighting

DIY IKEA lamp hacks for the children's room

IKEA hack no. 1 - The FROSTA stool

Turning a simple IKEA Frosta stool into nursery lighting - that's what we call creativity! @caroline.malmsjo has shown us how. What you need:

  • an IKEA FROSTA stool
  • an IKEA Hemma lamp suspension
  • a light bulb
  • any wooden board (to place the figure on)
  • some wood colour to match your children's room decorations

The IKEA FROSTA stool actually has everything you need for a figure, children always paint. This refers to the figures with just two simple legs and arms and a small round head. Now it's your turn to turn the simple stool into a great children's room light. It's that simple:

Kinderzimmerbeleuchtung  Ikea Hack
  1. Unpacking the IKEA FROSTA stool
  2. For the arms of our figure: Screw two wooden legs of the stool to the sides of the round 'head'
  3. For the legs of our figure: Screw two more wooden legs of the stool to the lower part of the round 'head'

Kinderzimmerbeleuchtung  Ikea Hack

4. Take any piece of wooden board (in our example, it is cut into a cloud shape. But you can make it easier for yourself and use any shape you like. Maybe you even have something that would have ended up in the bulky waste)

5. And now screw the assembled figure onto the wooden board

Kinderzimmerbeleuchtung  Ikea Hack
6. Thread the IKEA HEMMA lamp suspension through the holes in the arms

. Finally, paint the whole thing with your favourite paint and leave to dry
Kinderzimmerbeleuchtung  Ikea Hack

Children's room lighting hack no. 2 - The REGOLIT pendant lampshade

Look at that! A hot air balloon. Or just the classic paper lamp from IKEA? @_shirilicious_ has made an eye-catcher as nursery lighting for Nilou's children's room from the IKEA REGOLIT.

Here's a quick guide from us on how to upgrade your nursery with a simple paper lamp:

For this nursery lamp, you can use anything you have in your craft box. A small basket can easily be tied to the paper lamp with a wire thread. And with some washi tape and colourful craft accessories, you can add more colour. Et voilà! A new nursery light.

Kinderzimmerbeleuchtung Fado

Hack No. 3 - The FADO table lamp

Sleep child sleep... This cute sight will almost make someone's jaw drop. Our self-adhesive SLEEPY EYESnot only look good on the FADO table lamp, but can also be used around in the children's room.
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