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Farben lernen und erkennen

Learning and recognising colours

Farben lernen und erkennen

Learn and recognise colours

Two learning games for toddlers with free templates to print out.

The sea is blue, the grass is green and my favourite colour is orange ... Not so easy! How can children learn colours? We have a great idea on how you can learn and recognise the many beautiful colours at home. With the IKEA cork coaster HEAT and our free craft templates, you can create great learning games in no time at all. You can find out how to do this in this blog post. So read on quickly!

1. Playfully memorise colours with the DIY learning game

Your little mice still have a lot to learn - for example, the colour wheel. And you can help them with very simple aids. Today we're showing you another very simple IKEA hack with the HEAT cork coaster. If you're a regular visitor to the Limmaland blog, you'll already know that the round cork trivet is a popular and very versatile crafting base for us. So the next time you're at IKEA, it's definitely worth packing a three-pack of these little all-rounders. Because you can use them to make lots of different educational games. But that's not all - we've also prepared a second DIY game for you - made from an egg carton. Today it's all about learning and recognising colours. Have fun!

Farben lernen

What you need for the IKEA HEAT hack

Farben lernen und erkennen

Even more IKEA HEAT hacks for smart kids

Fancy even more free do-it-yourself educational games? Then you're in for a treat, because we've got even more ideas for you. All based on the same principle - the IKEA HEAT coasters are hacked with free craft templates from Limmaland! You can find various ideas on our blog:

2. Learning colours with DUPLO and egg cartons

We wouldn't be Limmaland if we didn't have another great idea for learning and recognising colours for you. This time we don't need any IKEA products at all. Learning colours made easy for children! A great idea for real LEGO DUPLO fans too. And it gets a bit more challenging.

Farben lernen und erkennen

What you need for the upcycling learning game

  • an empty egg carton (for 10 eggs)
  • our free crafting template
  • two sheets of sturdy paper
  • a pair of scissors
  • some craft glue
  • colourful game pieces (e.g. LEGO DUPLO)

Step 1: Print out and cut out the colour sheets

Now you can get started with our quick and easy DIY learning game. This idea is also ideal for spontaneous craft activities - because you probably always have the materials you need for this colour game at home. First, download our freebie and print it out. Again, we recommend a slightly thicker printing paper so that you can enjoy the game for longer. Then cut out the individual colour cards and the label for your egg carton.

Farben lernen Eierkarton

Step 2: Stick on the label and start playing

Now you're as good as done with the do-it-yourself colour learning game. Stick the label onto the lid of your egg carton with some craft glue. And the colour learning and recognition game can begin! The colour sheets are simply placed inside the carton lid. We have prepared seven different colour cards for you so that you don't get bored.

The aim of the game is now to sort the coloured game pieces according to the colour cards in the egg carton. Pink at the top left, brown at the bottom right. Not so easy, is it? As soon as the first card has been added correctly, simply replace the sheet. A great upcycling idea that can be made in no time at all.

Learn colours and create organisation at the same time

Attention, the hearts of all little LEGO fans will now beat faster: The Limmaland Shop has recently launched the perfect accessory for the IKEA TROFAST shelf boxes. Especially for colourful LEGO bricks. With our furniture stickers FARBENREICH, you can create organisation in your child's room in a flash - and also help your children to learn and recognise colours. Learning colours according to Montessori: Help me to do it myself.

Even more ideas for a Montessori children's room

True to the motto "Help me to do it myself", you can support your child with simple IKEA hacks using the Montessori method. Discover our ideas for your Montessori nursery.
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