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Wetteruhr basteln Ikea hack

Make a weather clock

Wetteruhr basteln Ikea hack

Craft a weather clock

IKEA hack with free download template

Today it can rain, storm or snow ... because you're shining like the sunshine yourself! Do you also sing this lovely birthday song for children? Our daily lives are strongly influenced by the weather: when the sun is shining, we want to go outside as much as possible, but when it's stormy and raining, we prefer to stay indoors and make ourselves cosy with a cup of cocoa.

To introduce your kids to the different weather phenomena in a playful way, we would like to make a weather clock with you today. We have prepared a very simple IKEA hack with a free download for you. Let's go!

Sun, clouds, lightning and thunder - learning through play with the weather clock

Sometimes it's windy, sometimes it's sunny and sometimes it even snows. But how does the weather actually come about? And what happens when it rains and thunderstorms? Your children will learn about the weather at primary school at the latest. But you can also introduce your little ones to the topic in a playful way at home. And it's really easy - with our free craft template, you can make a colourful weather clock in no time at all. A very simple IKEA hack with guaranteed success!

Wetteruhr basteln Ikea hack

What you need to make a weather clock

  • an IKEA HEAT cork coaster*
  • the free crafting template from Limmaland (you can get it via our form below)
  • a sheet of sturdy paper
  • a pair of scissors
  • a drawing pin

Wetteruhr basteln Ikea hack Zubehör

The HEAT* trivets are very inexpensive and are suitable for many different craft ideas. So the next time you're visiting our favourite Swede, just take a pack of three with you!
You can find lots more ideas for children with cork coasters on our page with all the craft ideas. Have you got everything? Then you're ready to go!

Wetteruhr DIY Bastelvorlage

Step 1: Print and cut out

This IKEA hack really can be made in no time at all. Firstly, send us our free craft template using the form. You can print out the PDF as soon as you receive it. It's best to use a slightly thicker paper. As soon as you have printed out the template, you can cut it out.

Wetteruhr basteln Ikea hack

Step 2: Attach the weather clock and hands

Now you've almost done it! The last step is to grab the cork coaster* and the drawing pin. Now place the cut-out weather clock on the trivet, with the hands on top. And now you can simply pin the clock and hands to the marked points on the trivet using the pin. That's it! That's how quickly you can make a beautiful weather clock!

Off on the sledge! The weather clock shows: snow!

A rare sight here in the Rhineland, but Sonja has captured our weather clock in a snapshot against a freshly powdered backdrop. So, let's get out and hit the piste!

Wetteruhr DIY basteln

The right cloud decorations for the nursery

In our shop you will find suitable ideas for the wall design in the children's room. Because our beautiful clouds not only look great, but also conjure up a good mood.

Rainbow nursery

A rainbow nursery is colourful, diverse and simply magical. Discover how you can bring colourful joy into your child's room with rainbow wall tattoos, rainbow decorations and even a rainbow bed.

Even more craft ideas for playful learning

If you like the craft idea with the weather clock and want more, you can find even more craft templates to print out here. Why not take a look at Pinterest too! We've put together lots of boards on different topics for you there.

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