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Uhrzeit lernen Ikea hack

Learn the time

Learn the time

Playfully learn the time with a simple IKEA hack.

Uhrzeit lernen Ikea hack
If the big hand is at 12 and the small hand is at 4, then it's 4 o'clock or 4 pm! It's not so easy to learn the time. But teaching also requires patience. As soon as they start asking the time all the time, you can put these IKEA hacks to good use. We have prepared a learning clock for you - with a free craft template. Let's get started!

Make a learning clock with folding function

With one of the cork coasters and our great crafting template, you can make a learning clock for your little ones in no time at all.

What you need for the IKEA hack:
  • the Limmaland print template (sent to you free of charge after registration below!)
  • an IKEA cork coaster HEAT*
  • a pair of scissors
  • some glue
  • a drawing pin
Uhrzeit lernen Materialen

How to make the learning clock

Firstly, print out both clock faces on slightly thicker paper and cut out all the individual parts. You can download the template for free using the form.
Now glue the clock face 13-24 onto the cork coaster first. Then cut the clock face 1-12 between the numbers and glue it onto the centre of the first clock face with a smaller area. Now just fix the hands in the centre with a pin.
And you can get started and learn the time with little people. The learning clock is also perfect for nurseries and kindergartens. The folding function of the children's clock makes it easy for your little ones to learn that "5" can also mean "5 pm".

Image: Instagram @bauch.maedchen
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