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mitwachsendes Kinderzimmer Ikea

Children's room that grows with you

Children's room that grows with you

Flexible furnishings for your child's room
mitwachsendes Kinderzimmer Bett

When new little people come into our lives, it's not just the joy that's great, but also the decisions that new parents have to make. And to ensure that the smallest member of the family doesn't outgrow their furniture quite so quickly, we'd like to give you a few good tips along the way. A great solution is a nursery that grows with your child - because this not only saves money, but also a lot of stress.

mitwachsendes Kinderzimmer Ikea

Everything set up in the growing nursery

With a few smart tips, you can furnish your baby's room so cleverly that all the furniture will be used for many years to come. After all, toddlers grow quite quickly - and new furniture every few years can be very expensive and time-consuming. A children's room that grows with them is easy on the wallet and the environment, as the children's furniture is used over a long period of time. And you don't have to go for high-priced designer pieces - our favourite Swede also offers excellent children's room furniture at a fair price.

Öko-Test gives the green light for IKEA children's rooms

Only the best for our little ones: you can buy the growing children's room from the furniture manufacturer without hesitation, because the consumer magazine Öko Test has put the children's furniture from IKEA through its paces. And the result can reassure all parents. The furniture has passed the test for harmful substances.

Baby cot that grows with you for flexible furnishings

You can already opt for a flexible version of the baby cot. IKEA offers various models that can be easily adapted to the age of your child, such as the SUNDVIK baby bed*. You start with the classic design with bars so that the little tots can't roll out of bed at night. You can easily vary the height of the lying surface so that you can also use the cot as a playpen. As soon as your child is a little older, you can simply remove the bars on one side - this way, the little ones can get out of bed on their own. And if the cot becomes too short at some point and a larger cot needs to be purchased, it can be used as a children's sofa and provide space for reading aloud.

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mitwachsendes Kinderzimmer Ikea Babybett
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Practical changing unit in the growing nursery

With the SMASTAD changing unit*, IKEA offers another flexible piece of furniture. Because as soon as you've finished changing nappies, the surface can be lowered one level in no time at all - and you've conjured up a play table or desk.

But even if you already have a chest of drawers, you can easily convert it into a changing table. At New Swedish Design, you can get matching tops for many different IKEA chests of drawers. So you don't need to buy anything new and still have a functional piece of furniture.

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Growing bunk bed for children

At some point, even the short ones are too long for the cot. Then the KURA bunk bed* from IKEA cuts a fine figure in the growing children's room. For the little ones, the cot can initially be set up in the low version. And anyone who wants to go higher at some point will get a bunk bed in time. Because you can easily convert the growing children's bed and give your little heroes an exciting place to sleep. After all, it's more exciting higher up ;)

mitwachsendes Kinderzimmer Ikea Hochbett

Accessories for your growing cot

Tip: With matching curtains and foils, you can keep redesigning your IKEA KURA bunk bed and transform it according to the age of your offspring.

Design your KURA bed

Height-adjustable play kitchen in the nursery that grows with your child

The classic favourite toy is definitely the play kitchen. And it also grows with your child, because you can easily adjust the height of the DUKTIG from IKEA* in three stages. And of course you can always change the accessories or the design of the play kitchen. So it never gets boring.

mitwachsendes Kinderzimmer Ikea Kinderküche

Use existing furniture in the children's room

Of course, you don't just have to furnish a child's room with new furniture. You can also use existing furniture and redesign it in a child-friendly way. Because you don't always have to buy something new - with clever accessories, you can give many pieces of furniture an exciting design and change them again and again if necessary. This way, you can really enjoy a children's room that grows with your child and that you can always adapt to their current interests.

Tip: personalisable benchmark for children

Speaking of... it's not just the furniture in the children's room that "grows". Our (little) offspring are also growing so fast. And this is incredibly exciting for both the parents and the little ones and should be properly recognised. With our benchmarkthis is child's play and also looks super cute. And best of all: you can personalise the benchmark for children with your child's name.

Personalise now

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