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Kinderzimmer mit Hochbett

Furnishing a small children's room

Furnishing a small children's room: Tips and inspiration

Kinderzimmer mit Hochbett
The children's room is often not the largest room in the flat or house. Of course, your child should still have enough space to play, learn and sleep. We have collected ideas for you on how you can furnish a small children's room in which your little one will feel completely at ease.

What do you really need in a small nursery?

First of all, you should think about what you or your child really needs in the nursery. It may be possible to move some pieces of furniture to other rooms. For example, do you still have some space in the bathroom for the nappy changing unit? Or does the wardrobe still fit in your bedroom? Of course, what your child needs depends on various factors. If your little one is still new to this world, they won't need as much in the baby room. However, if your little one is already at school, they will need a quiet corner to do their homework and a larger bed. So if you want to furnish a small nursery, the first step is to prioritise and plan carefully.

Space-saving furniture for small children's rooms

When planning a small children's room, you should also think about whether you can combine several purposes in one piece of furniture. For example, if you decide to place the changing unit in the nursery, you should make sure that it also offers plenty of storage space. You could also use a normal chest of drawers and buy a changing table topper to go with it. Then the chest of drawers can still be used when your little one is older.

Kleines Kinderzimmer einrichten Hochbett

Bunk bed: Space miracle in a small children's room

A bunk bed is ideal for furnishing small children's rooms. The little ones can use the space under the bunk bed for lots of different things. A cosy corner, space for a desk or a chest of drawers, a creative corner for crafting and playing.
With curtains, the part under the bunk bed becomes a small cave where your kids can retreat in peace or create their own play worlds.

Our tip: The all-round carefree package for the IKEA KURA bunk bed makes for a real eye-catcher in the small children's room. Choose your favourite motif for the decal for the bunk bed, combine the matching curtains and you have a practical multifunctional piece of furniture.


From €22.95
Decal for IKEA KURA bed


From €22.95
Decal for IKEA KURA bed


Decal for IKEA KURA bed

Small play kitchen fits into every child's room

You don't have to do without anything when furnishing a small children's room: There's even space for a play kitchen in the small room. The SPISIG from IKEA is perfect for a small room and is a real space saver thanks to its small dimensions and play options on both sides.

Play shop for sticking on needs no space

Creativity is needed in a small children's room. Why not incorporate the walls into the design? The play shop stick-on wallpaper is ideal as it is not only decorative, but also creates magical play opportunities for the whole family. And the best thing is: the DIY play shop doesn't need any space at all!

Making accessories for the play shop

To make the play shop role play almost like the big ones in the real supermarket, you can make great accessories together with your kids. In our free craft kit, you can print out product dividers, customer cards and more. Simply fill in your details and we'll send you your craft templates.

Multifunctional table: IKEA hack for small children's rooms

Or how about a table with storage space? With the IKEA FLISAT table, you can not only open the table top from both sides laminate so that it fulfils different functions. You can also hang the IKEA TROFAST boxes on it to create more storage space! Ingenious, isn't it?

Kleines Kinderzimmer Multifunktionstisch

Organisation is half the battle

Children's rooms in particular often accumulate quite a lot. Toys, books, clothes, play figures... and kids grow out of everything so quickly or develop other interests. That's why it's important to regularly organise organisation . Daily tidying up simply brings more peace and quiet into the small room, which is probably already cluttered with a relatively large number of things anyway. However, it also makes sense to clear out regularly to avoid wasting space unnecessarily. Although this is annoying, it helps enormously to utilise a small children's room efficiently.

Colours, light and decorations - the finishing touches

With the right colours, atmospheric lighting and the right decorations, you can really enhance a small children's room and make it appear more spacious.

Bright colours visually enlarge small rooms

A wild palette of colours of any kind can quickly make a child's room look cluttered. It is therefore best to use harmonious tones from one colour family. Light colours generally make rooms appear larger - both on the walls and on the furniture. To make the room look child-friendly, you can of course add colourful accents. If you still want to colour a wall, you should leave an approx. 2-3 cm thick white strip between the paint and the ceiling. This visually stretches the wall.

Kleines Kinderzimmer einrichten

Let there be light - creating space with the right lighting

Lighting is not necessarily the first thing you think of when furnishing a children's room. However, with the right lighting, you can get a little more out of a small children's room. It is advisable not to choose a pendant light for the ceiling. Indirect lighting, such as a reading lamp or wall light, can create a sense of space and cosiness.

Furnishing a small children's room with targeted decoration

Children love colour and need it for their development. If you therefore design the walls rather simply, you can set specific colour accents with the decorations. If you make sure that the colours match, you can easily create a harmonious look.

Kleines Kinderzimmer einrichten

Conclusion: Cleverly furnishing a small children's room

If you've read this article, you've already taken the first important step: well thought-out planning. Think carefully about what you need, what you can possibly store in other rooms and how you want to organise the room. Here is a summary of our tips:

  • Less is more - set your priorities
  • Furniture with multiple functions saves space
  • Create storage space
  • Organisation is half the battle
  • Use light colours
  • Don't neglect the lighting
  • A harmonious design of the room creates more space

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