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Kind spielt am IKEA FLISAT Multifunktionstisch

Multifunctional table IKEA Hack

Kind spielt am IKEA FLISAT Multifunktionstisch

Multifunctional table IKEA Hack

One play table, many possibilities! A multifunctional table for children is a great idea. This is because it encourages creative play and is also a real space saver: it offers storage space for all kinds of toys and other small items. We have collected the best ideas for a home-made multifunctional table with IKEA furniture in the children's room for you.

Build your own 3-in-1 IKEA play table

The IKEA FLISAT children's table is a real all-rounder. The small table made of beech has recesses for the IKEA TROFAST boxes. This creates storage space under the removable table top for pens, building blocks, etc. The two-part table top is simply placed on top of the boxes and the chaos is gone.

If you cover the reversible table tops and the recessed boxes with different design decal, the result is a creative 3-in-1 play table.

Step-by-step instructions for a multifunctional table

Multifunktionstisch für Kinder selber bauen DIY

Assembling the IKEA FLISAT

The first step is to assemble the IKEA FLISAT children's table according to the IKEA instructions. You can also insert the IKEA TROFAST boxes into the recesses of the table.

Multifunktionstisch für Kinder selber bauen DIY

Preparing the film

To make it as easy as possible to apply the films, we recommend that you cut the films at the cut edges.

Multifunktionstisch für Kinder selber bauen DIY

Stick on your favourite motifs

Now stick one of your game foils for the IKEA FLISAT table on one side of the two-part table top. Turn it over and stick on the second motif. Finally, glue the decal onto the lids of the boxes. Your multifunctional table is ready.

Everything you need for the multifunctional table

Video instructions for the 3-in-1 children's table

IKEA Trofast Hack - Matschküche selber bauen

Tipp: Im Sommer Matschküche aufbauen

Die beklebten TROFAST Boxen kannst du im Sommer aus dem FLISAT Tisch entnehmen und daraus eine Matschküche auf dem Balkon oder der Terrasse aufbauen. Noch mehr Multifunktion geht nicht!

Kind lehnt am IKEA FLISAT Multifunktionstisch

More multifunctional ideas with FLISAT

With its versatile products, the FLISAT series offers the perfect basis for creative IKEA hacks. From play table to wall shelves, we have collected numerous clever ideas for you.

IKEA Trofast Hack Spieltisch

2-in-1: play table and organisation

With the IKEA shelf from the TROFAST children's series, 2 functions can be combined in one piece of furniture. The practical small shelves provide the perfect surface for creative play films. If you put 2 of the shelves together, several children can even play extensively from both sides. Under the playing surface there are small and large drawer, depending on your needs, for storing toy cars, building blocks and much more.

Everything you need for the 2-in-1 organising table

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