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IKEA Knagglig Hack

IKEA KNAGGLIG hack: The 12 best ideas with the wooden crate

IKEA Knagglig Hack

IKEA KNAGGLIG hack: The 11 best ideas

Many rooms would be unthinkable without them as modified wall shelves, etc. The IKEA KNAGGLIG wooden boxes* in the look of a classic wooden fruit and vegetable crate. They give every room something special, whether in colour or natural. They are always simple and beautiful. And the best thing is that they are seeeehh very versatile. You'll see just how versatile when you read on.

Hack Ideen für das IKEA KNAGGLIG

1. IKEA KNAGGLIG as a storage box

We have compiled the best IKEA KNAGGLIG hack ideas for you. We start with what the IKEA KNAGGLIG crate is actually intended for: as a storage crate.

Storing books in the IKEA KNAGGLIG crate

The IKEA KNAGGLIG* offers plenty of space for all kinds of children's books. The little ones can see all their favourite stories at a glance. But a stack of books like this can quickly become quite heavy. With a few castors under the IKEA KNAGGLIG crate, little bookworms can easily pull their own crate of books through the children's room and immerse themselves in the stories in their favourite place.

Kaufladen DIY

2. IKEA wooden boxes in the play shop

Not only books can be stored in the boxes. The IKEA KNAGGLIG boxes are also a great addition to the play shop. The wooden boxes are particularly suitable for the market hall to stick on the wall, as they resemble the fruit and vegetable crates at the market where mum and dad go shopping.

To the play shop instructions

IKEA Knagglig Hack
IKEA Knagglig Hack


Decal for DIY play shop
Bastelset Zubehör Kinderküche und Kaufladen - gas gesamte Set

3. Make your own wooden shopping basket

The IKEA KNAGGLIG wooden box can also be converted into a shopping basket with little effort. The accessory set for play shop and play kitchen is perfect for crafting!

IKEA Ivar Hack

4. KNAGGLIG box as storage space at the garage play kitchen

We think the idea from @tilosdiygarage is great. Simply attach the boxes to the sides of the play kitchenand there's plenty of space for play accessories!

Ikea Tonies

5. Storing Tonies in the IKEA KNAGGLIG box

Polkadot.mum has come up with a super creative IKEA KNAGGLIG hack. She has turned the simple wooden box into a super stylish storage for the Toniebox and the Tonie figures of her offspring. Simply wow!

6. The KNAGGLIG goes mobile

Almost all of the KNAGGLIG hacks that we have seen have one thing in common: castors. No wonder, because castors under the wooden crate make it easier for our favourite little people to move the wooden boxes with all its contents on their own.

IKEA Knagglig Hack

Building colourful handcarts from the KNAGGLIG box

And now it's time to get really creative: the IKEA KNAGGLIG boxes* become a colourful handcart for all your cuddly little friends. With just a few simple steps, you can transform the plain boxes into great little companions.

  1. Firstly, cut an MDF board to size, which you then attach to the IKEA box as a headboard. We think the ears are so cute!
  2. Now paint your box with bright colours and faces.
  3. Finally, attach wheels and a rope to your colourful handcart. And now all the teddies and dollies can get in!

Matschküche Baustelle

7. Mud kitchen building with IKEA KNAGGLIG

With the IKEA KNAGGLIG boxes and the TROFAST box* you can make the best toys for the summer in no time at all: Because making mud in the mud kitchenis a lot of fun!

DIY mud kitchen build

Pferdestall selber bauen

8. Wooden box becomes a horse stable

The IKEA KNAGGLIG box can also be used for other purposes and converted into play. The wooden horse stable can be built in no time at all and is a real highlight for farmyard play!

To the DIY horse stable

9. IKEA KNAGGLIG hack for car fans

For little fire fans, the IKEA crate can also be redecorated in a really cool way. With a little paint, the wooden crate can be transformed into a fire engine like @benlemmens85! With wheels, blue light and fire ladder, he has transformed the simple wooden box into an exciting play car. Also cool: The tractor trailer from the small KNAGGLIG box.

More for FEUERWEHR fans

IKEA Knagglig Hack
Ikea Knagglig Hack Traktor und Anhänger
Parkhaus Knagglig DIY

10. Car park for the children's room

Where to put all the little toy cars? With a few rolls of paper, you can turn the wooden box into a great car park. A child's play and environmentally friendly IKEA KNAGGLIG hack!

To the DIY car park

IKEA Knagglig Hack

11. IKEA KNAGGLIG with lid

One thing is missing from the practical wooden crate from Sweden: a lid. But there are cool IKEA KNAGGLIG hacks for that too. Crocheted, upholstered or with an integrated box. The creativity is given free rein. @matemopics has simply crocheted a super nice lid for the IKEA KNAGGLIG. Just the thing for needlework fans! And the wooden box with crochet lid can be used perfectly as storage space for wool.

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