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IKEA house bed: The best ideas for sleeping under the roof

Kura Hochbett Sticker

IKEA house bed: The best ideas for sleeping under the roof

Where is it almost as nice as sleeping under the stars? Exactly, in a cosy, roofed IKEA house bed! If you occasionally visit Pinterest or Instagram in search of inspiration for special children's rooms, then you've probably seen this dreamy IKEA hack before. We've put together the best variations for you and show you how to recreate them.

Classic: IKEA house bed with roof

The classic version consists of the IKEA KURA cot* and a roof constructed from wooden slats. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

Here's what you need for the roof frame:

  • four wooden slats 66.5 cm long, cut the ends at a 45-degree angle
  • one wooden slat 200 cm long for the upper beam
  • Wooden connectors (right-angled and straight) and screws

Hausbett DIY

Step 1: Prepare the roof

For the pitched roof of the IKEA house bed, grab the shorter wooden slats and fasten them together first, so that you end up with two large right angles made of wood. Use the right-angled wooden connectors (inside and outside) to fasten them. Next comes the turn of the long roof batten . Connect these to the right angles using two straight wooden connectors.

Step 2: Fasten the roof

Almost done! Now screw the wooden slats to the cot* . The best way to do this is to use your wooden connectors again. Make sure that everything is secure and that the joints of the wooden slats are sanded down properly. And then your IKEA house bed is ready!

You can now perfect your project with the matching decorative foils in your favourite design.

Your most creative Kura Hacks

We often receive such great photos from hard-working DIY enthusiasts and are always amazed at how creative you are! Of course, we don't want to keep the super nice ideas to ourselves and therefore show you the most creative ideas for the IKEA Kura house bed here. For the instructions, please visit the respective linked Instagram profiles at .

Ikea Kura Hausbett

House bed with underground car park

In @erbse062017's children's room is a really luxurious bed with an integrated underground car park. Perfect for all little racing drivers.

Hausbett aus IKEA Kura

We think the staircase with the Trofast boxes for additional storage space in the children's room is particularly successful. You can find the matching order stickers for the boxes in our shop.

Hausbett aus IKEA Kura

Simone has also built a similar house with a Trofast staircase. Here with a grey roof and colourful accents. You can find the detailed instructions on her blog.

Ikea Kura Hausbett

The romance of a wooden hut

It's hard to believe that this house bed from by the lovely @mei_lupo is the IKEA Kura, isn't it? With great attention to detail the bunk bed has been converted into a cosy wooden hut. We are completely in love!

Make it easy for yourself - glue the house bed instead of building it!

White country cottage in the nursery

Lisa has built this cute country cottage for her mice. The love is in the detail. A real little dream cottage.

Play paradise with a sail roof

We're cheating a little with this house bed because it doesn't have a wooden roof, but we thought the idea of a sail roof was sooo cool. The bed is like a real play paradise and offers space for 2 little adventurers.

Kinderzimmer mit Kura Hack

Enchant IKEA KURA in just a few minutes

It's even easier with our clever ideas for your bunk bed: Discover all our magical products for the KURA now.

Pimp your KURA bed

Scandinavian design house bed

Light pastel colours combined with wood - that always works, doesn't it? We'd love to lie down and snooze straight away. Or snuggle up on the lower reading level. Pure hygge!

Hausbett aus IKEA Kura

Pirates ahoy! The house bed for buccaneers

This IKEA house bed is just the thing for little adventurers. We are absolutely thrilled with this great DIY project. The TROFAST staircase has also been used again at @stilschuppen , which you can complement wonderfully with our organiser stickers.

IKEA house bed in a double pack

For two little sleepyheads, the house bed is of course double! And all the cuddly polar bears can move in too. We particularly like the decoration with the large wooden letters!

3-in-1 feel-good bed

This IKEA Kura house bed combines 3 areas. Upstairs is for sleeping and downstairs is a small living area for the little ones. The highlight: there's also a ball pool! Really? A dream come true for all mice who love to romp around.

Folding roof

The roof of this house bed hack can be easily opened and closed. Depending on your mood, you can create a small cave or enjoy the view.

A dream in dusky pink

For those who may not be so handy, we have a slightly simpler hack here. These beds are not exactly house beds. But at least they have gorgeous fabric "roofs".

Kura Hochbett Gardine

Transform your KURA too with our IKEA hacks

You don't need to have any crafty superpowers to transform your IKEA bunk bed into a unique item in your child's room. Discover all our magical products for your KURA now.

Pimp your KURA bed

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