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Feinmotorik Übung

Fine motor skills exercises for children

Feinmotorik Übung

Fine motor skills exercises for children

A simple IKEA hack with the ORDNING cutlery stand.

Our favourite little people still have a lot to learn. This includes how to use their little hands correctly. The best way to do this is with fine motor skills exercises for children. Of course, there are plenty of special toys on the market to practise dexterity. But here we are in Limmaland - and we prefer to make our own toys! Let's go!

Feinmotorik Übung

Playfully practising fine motor skills

We love simple ideas. And that's why we were particularly pleased to receive this great educational game from @0_kinderkram-0 - because you're sure to already have the materials for this game at home. And so there's no need to prepare anything - you can start with the fine motor skills exercises for children straight away!

Feinmotorik Übung

What you need for the fine motor skills game

  • an ORDNING* cutlery stand from IKEA
  • a few metal screws with matching nuts

Make sure that you use metal screws without a point so that your little ones can't hurt themselves on the tip of the screw! You can also use the screws in different lengths to encourage fine motor skills.

Feinmotorik Übungen Kinder

DIY fine motor skills exercises for children

And as soon as you have collected the items, you can get started. Your toddlers now screw each screw onto the cutlery stand one by one. Turning the nuts onto the screws is the perfect way to train fine motor skills. Reaching into the cutlery stand is also a good exercise. Who can screw the screw all the way to the bottom?

Feinmotorik Übungen Kinder

And then, of course, the screws that were screwed on must be unscrewed again. So everything in the other direction! We think this idea is really great. It's as good as free and offers a change from the usual toys. So that it doesn't get boring!

More educational games to tinker with

The ORDNING cutlery stand is really flexible. We have another great idea in store - because you can also turn the ORDNING into a Mikado game. The detailed instructions for this IKEA hack can be found via the link.

If you like these educational games, you'll find even more inspiration for crafting here. We have put together lots of boards on different topics for you there.

Mikado basteln Ikea hack

More Montessori learning games

True to the motto "Help me to do it myself", you can support your child with simple IKEA hacks using the Montessori method. Discover our ideas for your Montessori children's room.

All photos of the fine motor skills learning game courtesy of @0_kinderkram-0

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