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Kinderzimmer Einrichten Tipps

How do I furnish my child's room properly? 7 tips and tricks

Kinderzimmer Einrichten Tipps

How do I furnish my child's room properly? 7 tips and tricks

This is where our little ones should feel really comfortable, have space to play and be able to develop freely ... we're talking about the children's room, of course! Because a stimulating environment not only promotes creativity, but also motor and mental skills. In an appropriate room, children can really immerse themselves in play and develop their personality. But many parents are overwhelmed. How do I set up the children's room correctly? Don't worry: we have 7 valuable tips and tricks for you!

Kinderzimmer Einrichten Tipps

Tip 1: Open space for creative freedom

Very important: Your child needs enough space to play extensively. This is the only way to promote optimal development. A children's room that is crammed full of furniture and toys offers no space for personal development. So how do I furnish a child's room properly? A good solution is a play mat. Here, your child can really immerse themselves in play without getting cold on the cold floor.

Kinderzimmer Stauraum

Tip 2: We need enough storage space!

To make the open space work, you need enough storage space for all the lovely toys. When it comes to the question of how to organise the children's room properly, you can of course also be creative. We really like this option: the TROFAST shelf* from IKEA is playing surface and storage in one. It saves space and offers plenty of storage space. And ideally, the storage space should be designed in such a way that everything is tidied away as quickly as possible. It's easy with our organiser stickers: the symbols show which toys belong in which box. So even the youngest children can help tidy up.

Tip 3: A children's table encourages creativity

Of course, you can also do handicrafts and paint at the dining table... but with a small table in the right size for children, little hobby artists are much more independent. This way, the painting equipment can be used spontaneously - and your child can develop their creativity to their heart's content.

Kinderzimmer Einrichten Tipps

Tip 4: Retreat! A hiding place for little adventurers

"Come on, let's build a den!" Do you remember that too? For generations, building a little cave has been one of the most popular children's games. You can hide away, be invisible and make yourself cosy. With our curtains for the KURA bunk bed, you can conjure up a hiding place in just a few minutes.

Kinderzimmer einrichten

Tip 5: Bright colours have a cheerful effect

Even if many adults like to keep their furnishings colourful and opt for a minimalist style - children like it colourful! Especially when they are still small. And that's a good thing, because colours not only encourage creative play, but also have an influence on our mood. Purple, for example, stands for creativity and mental balance. Angelina has painted the cosy corner in her nursery in a vibrant purple - the white clouds provide an exciting contrast. Makes you want to get cosy right away, doesn't it?

Kinderzimmer einrichten

We are also delighted with Stephanie's cute reading corner. It's a great place to spend time and browse through your favourite picture book. As you can see, even a white wall can be made inspiring with small accents - our colourful wall tattoos help with this.

To the wall design

Kinderzimmer einrichten

Tip 6: Store books within easy reach - even for children

It's frustrating ... You want to look at your favourite book and you just can't get to it. And climbing on your own can also be quite dangerous. So it makes more sense to keep the children's books within easy reach of the bookworms. Incidentally, the BEKVÄM spice racks* from IKEA make a wonderful bookshelf for children. This way, favourite stories are always in view - and still can't fall out.

Image source: @melissasabra

A great idea for a homemade bookshelf for children is an IKEA picture ledge with the matching wall sticker from Limmaland. You can create decoration and storage space at the same time.

Kinderzimmer Aufräumen Marie Kondo

Tip 7: How do I set up my child's room correctly? Montessori!

"Help me to do it myself!" This is the motto of Montessori education. And helping children to be independent is truly a sensible approach. But how do I set up the children's room correctly and create valuable educational stimuli at the same time? It's actually quite simple: the children's room should be divided into different zones. Free playing surface, reading or cosy corner, painting table ... As you can see, the tips and tricks we have already mentioned are aimed at a Montessori set-up. You can design the individual areas using different colours, for example. You can find more detailed information about Montessori in the nursery and what it's all about via the link.

have we been able to inspire you a little? We hope you enjoy designing and decorating your children's room!

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