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Children's room furniture from IKEA: An overview

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Children's room furniture from IKEA: an overview

When planning furniture, experience shows that sooner or later we all come across Swedish furniture. But IKEA also offers really great options for all needs and budgets. There are even some ranges especially for our favourite little people. We have clicked through and summarised an overview of the IKEA children's furniture range so that you can furnish and plan your IKEA children's room as beautifully as @marushkic in our cover picture!

Children's room furnishings vary depending on the age of the child

Children grow quickly and have different needs and interests depending on their age. The furniture should therefore ideally not be too expensive and possibly even grow with them. IKEA has many different furniture series for children in its range. Each series has a different focus. Nevertheless, they can of course be wonderfully combined with each other. In the SMASTAD* system, for example, you will find everything from baby rooms to teenagers' rooms.

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IKEA SMASTAD - The all-rounder in the children's room

This relatively new series from IKEA is more or less the successor to the popular STUVA furniture. The furniture in this series provides you and your kids with an enormous amount of storage space and combination options*. The cabinets and co. can be combined with each other. The fronts are also available in up to 6 different colours. So if your little one is tired of pink, the fronts can easily be coloured blue, white, green or similar. SMASTAD is also the most comprehensive of all the children's ranges at IKEA, because here you can find everything from a changing unit to a desk. And sometimes even both in one. If you lower the surface of this changing unit*, it becomes a cool desk. A great 2-in-1 piece of furniture for under €100.

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Another true space miracle is the SMASTAD multifunctional loft bed*. It's not just for sleeping, but also offers a wardrobe, a bookshelf and a desk. And all combined in one piece of furniture. Perfect if your little ones are already at school. If you have a little less space available or your little one is even smaller, the IKEA Kura bunk bed* is also an option. You can also pimp it up with the matching KURA accessories.

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Furnishing an IKEA children's room with the SUNDVIK basic range

This series offers the basic equipment for the children's room. Furniture that is tailored to our favourite little people. Simple, pretty and without fuss. There is a chair*, a table*, a wardrobe* as well as a changing unit*, a cot* and a cot*. Prices range from 20 euros for the chair to 159 euros for the wardrobe. Everything is available in either white or a dark wood colour. IKEA combines the furniture here with the popular FLISAT accessories.

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Ikea Multifunktionstisch gestalten Klebefolie

FLISAT - plain and simple

The furniture in the FLISAT* series is all made of robust pine wood. You get storage options and accessories for the children's room such as book stands*, shelves* and stools*. The design is rather simple and timeless, but very affordable and easy to combine with other series from the Swedish company. And with our design decal you can quickly pimp these simple pieces of furniture! This turns it into a multifunctional table with additional customised stools. TROFAST boxes* are integrated into the table, creating space for storage.

Accessories for FLISAT

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Storage miracle TROFAST

We all know it... kids' toys, books, cuddly toys, etc. simply pile up. IKEA naturally offers great options so that they can be neatly stowed away in future. TROFAST* is THE storage series. It consists of sturdy child-height racks with removable boxes. It even makes organisation fun and the little ones can easily lend a hand. It's even easier with organiser stickers that directly indicate where the toys should be sorted. The TROFAST basic elements are available in different sizes and colours, which can all be combined with each other. There are also several box sizes. So you can create your very own storage solution as required. Depending on the size of the frame* and the drawer* the TROFAST range is priced between 39 - 98 euros.


The price banger in the children's room - IKEA SNIGLAR

Of course, IKEA also has something up its sleeve for the very small purse. The SNIGLAR* series consists of just 3 pieces of furniture - a changing table*, a cot* and a cot*. All for less than 40 euros! This furniture is very simple. But everything can be pimped with the right decoration!

Ikea Tonies Regal

Furnishing a child's room with loving decoration

Of course, furniture is only half the battle when it comes to furnishing a child's room. The love is in the detail. Decorative elements that still have a purpose are recommended. The IKEA picture rails* are perfect for this. Whether as a shelf for Tonies, decorations or books. And these cute wall stickers make it a real eye-catcher!

Kinderküche IKEA mit Tafelfolie

Play kitchen and make play shop an eye-catcher

It may not be the first thing you think of, but you can also make play options an eye-catcher in your child's room. IKEA, for example, offers a dollhouse in the FLISAT series or the DUKTIG play kitchen. With a few adjustments, you can transform the simple furniture into real children's dreams!

With such simple hacks, you can support the loving ambience in the children's room and even with simple IKEA furniture you can create a feel-good paradise for your little ones!

More tips for furnishing the children's room

We hope that the overview of the IKEA furniture ranges for the children's room has helped you and that you can now relax and start planning! For even more tips on furnishing your child's room, take a look here:

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