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Montessori Kleiderschrank aus IKEA Kallax Regal

Montessori wardrobe

Montessori wardrobe

The best tips and ideas for children's wardrobes with IKEA. Including instructions for your Montessori wardrobe made from IKEA KALLAX.
Montessori Kleiderschrank aus IKEA Kallax Regal
"Help me to do it myself" is the guiding principle of Montessori education. And you can promote the independence of our little people with even the smallest everyday things. For example, in their daily choice of clothes. A children's wardrobe helps children to dress themselves independently and take care of their own clothes. The best thing is that the Montessori wardrobe can be easily realised with IKEA furniture. We have collected the best ideas for your children's wardrobe with IKEA.

Step-by-step Montessori wardrobe instructions

Step 1: Prepare KALLAX

If your IKEA KALLAX is already in use, you will first need to dismantle the shelf. But don't worry, it's quick and easy.
Remove the screws on one side of the shelf and take off the panel. Now you can simply remove one of the shelves so that you have two small and one large compartment in your KALLAX shelf. You can simply pull out the wooden dowels with pliers. To ensure that the remaining shelf is still held in place, you should insert a short dowel into each hole. Now you can screw the panel back into place.
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Step 2: Attach the KALLAX mouldings

Now you can stick the strips into one of the small compartments so that you can insert the IKEA TROFAST boxes into the shelf. The TROFAST boxes are perfect for storing clothes or accessories in. With our organiser stickers, even the youngest children can find their clothes using child-friendly symbols.

Step 3: Inserting the clothes rail

We have inserted a small clothes rail into the long, large compartment. This allows the little ones to see some of their clothes at a glance and choose from their own wardrobe.
Kleiderstange im Montessori Kleiderschrank

The finishing touches

We have placed a large TROFAST box in the 3rd compartment, in which you can store additional items of clothing, shoes, hats, scarves or similar items. You can personalise and embellish your TROFAST boxes with our stickers in various designs.
Finally, we have added a small mirror to the side to round off the Montessori wardrobe.
Spiegel am Montessori Kleiderschrank

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Sticker set for IKEA TROFAST (24 pieces)

Sticker set for IKEA TROFAST (24 pieces)


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Sticker for IKEA TROFAST Box - medium


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Decal for IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledge (55 cm)


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Sticker set 24 pieces


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Advantages of the Montessori wardrobe

From a certain age, even the smallest tots want to have a say and make their own decisions. With the Montessori wardrobe at child height, you can make your everyday life easier and support your children on their way to independence.
  • Children can access their clothes independently and make their own decisions.
  • Choosing their own clothes supports the development of healthy self-confidence.
  • Little ones can put away freshly washed laundry themselves and learn to take responsibility.
  • the more you practise with your children, the more confident they will become in choosing clothes and getting dressed and undressed. Over time, this will make your everyday life easier.

Montessori wardrobe must not be overwhelming

You've probably already imagined your kids pulling the wildest outfits out of the wardrobe and wanting to combine the colourful snowsuit with frilly socks in midsummer. We're big fans of Pippi Longstocking and like to make the world our own, but you don't have to overdo it ;) That's why we have a few tips on how to keep your children's wardrobe organised.

Only seasonal clothes in the Montessori wardrobe

In summer, you only stock the children's wardrobe with summer clothes, in winter only with winter clothes, and so on. You keep the other items of clothing separately. The advantage of this is that you can regularly reorganise the wardrobe and clear out clothes that have become too small.

Everything has its place: organising the children's wardrobe clearly

T-shirts belong in a box, socks in the sock drawer and dresses are hung up neatly: wardrobe organisation in the spirit of Marie Kondo. Small boxes that additionally divide up your wardrobe compartments or drawer can help with this.

Montessori wardrobe with IKEA TROFAST shelves

With the practical IKEA TROFAST shelves, clothes can be sorted directly at child height into practical drawer. To keep the organisation in the Montessori wardrobe organised, you can use drawer or boxes with organiser stickers laminate. The symbols mean that even the youngest children, who are not yet able to read and write, know which items of clothing belong where.

More hacks for the Montessori wardrobe

Hanging on the spice rack

The small BEKVÄM spice rack* from Möbelschweden is extremely versatile in the children's room. In addition to books, playmates and small items of all kinds, it is also ideal for storing clothes. When hung upside down, it serves as a mini clothes rail.

Montessori Kleiderschrank

ELVARLI wardrobe system with children's wardrobe

Another great idea is to set up a children's wardrobe for all jackets and shoes. The ELVARLI wardrobe system from IKEA*, for example, is ideal for this and you can put it together flexibly according to your wishes.

Montessori Kleiderschrank


A simple, less high shelf will also do. You can quickly install a clothes rail in the TROFAST shelf and store the children's clothes here. Your child now has the opportunity to get a good overview of the wardrobe themselves, as the clothes are now at eye level. Just like Montessori!

Image source: Instagram @polishedplayhouse

More Montessori ideas for you

Discover more Montessori ideas for your children's room. True to the motto "Help me to do it myself!".
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