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Ikea Regolit DIY Heissluftballon



The simple IKEA ceiling lamp can be so beautiful.
Ikea Regolit DIY Heissluftballon

The best IKEA REGOLIT hacks for children's rooms

Lamps have a great effect. Depending on how the room is lit, different moods can be created and the room appears - literally - in a completely different light. A positive atmosphere can be created with very simple ideas, especially in children's rooms. The simple IKEA REGOLIT lamp is perfect as a basis for creative DIY lighting in the children's room.

A star in the nursery sky

Ikea Regolit Hack Sterne

A colourful starry sky for little dreamers. This IKEA REGOLIT hack is particularly easy! All you need are colourful star stickers. Simply stick them on the REGOLIT* and you'll have a great highlight in your child's room in no time at all.

To the starry sky

Dream of flying with the IKEA REGOLIT hack

Ikea Regolit DIY Heissluftballon
For little adventurers, this time the REGOLIT* becomes a hot air balloon. All you have to do is hang a small basket on the lamp. You can of course embellish the lampshade as you wish - for example with a small chain of bunting. An absolute eye-catcher in the children's room!

DIY balloon as an original birth gift

Ikea Regolit DIY Heissluftballon
The lovely Jules from the blog Jules kleines Freudenhaus had the great idea of making her niece a very special gift for her birth. Little things for the little mouse and her parents arrived directly in a homemade hot air balloon. A very original idea, we think. You can find the exact instructions for Jules' IKEA REGOLIT hack here.

The IKEA REGOLIT hack for the Pokémon birthday

Ikea Regolit DIY Pokemon

Do you also have a little Pokémon fan at home and are still looking for ideas for suitable birthday decorations? Then we have just the thing for you: The Pokémon Go logo as a ceiling light. And this hack isn't difficult at all. Paint the upper half of the REGOLIT lamp* with red paint. Cover the transition with black adhesive tape. Finally, stick a white circle with a black border on the front - and the Pokémon lamp is ready.

More creative IKEA hacks for children

Have you got a hankering for creative IKEA hacks? We have lots of other clever, great and simple ideas for the children's room for you.
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