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Painting crockery with children

Painting crockery with children

IKEA hack for children: Painting porcelain. With free template to download
Tasse bemalt
Do you remember that? You used to paint so many cups and plates with porcelain paint and were delighted with your own work of art. If you want to pass on this great experience to your children, we have some great templates for you to paint your own crockery. How easy is it to do? We explain the step-by-step process for great painting fun! Simply download the template for free and get started!

Painting cups with a free template

Don't you think children prefer to eat or drink from crockery with colourful motifs? How about painting your own crockery together with great designs? We think it's a great idea, which is why we've created some great templates for you to trace. Here we show you in 5 simple steps how you can trace your own crockery using our template.
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What you need to paint the crockery:

Download template

To make it easier for you to paint the crockery, we have created a template that you can use to simply trace the motifs. Simply download and print out on normal paper.

Download template now

Step-by-step instructions

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Step 1

Cut out your favourite motif and a strip of printer paper. Now place both on your mug and stick the strips down with some adhesive tape so that they don't slip when tracing.

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Step 2

Now you can grab a pencil and simply colour along the lines of the motif. This will allow the black colour from the carbonless paper to bleed through onto the cup.

Geschirr bemalen Schritt 3

Step 3

When you have finished colouring in the motif, you can remove the adhesive strips and take the papers off the cup. We find this step particularly relaxing. Now you can use the porcelain pencil in your favourite colour to trace the cup along the lines you have pressed through.
You should now dry the painted crockery so that it can withstand the next meal. To do this, place the porcelain in the oven for 25 minutes at 160 degrees Celsius. Once it is baked, it is ready for the next meal!
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